Kanji earrings that say dangerous with matching couple hoodies and other sweaters

I love the contrast – a soft grey tone (or color of your choice) and a delicate shape. And the kanji says Abunai, or Dangerous πŸ˜‰

lacquered paper earrings with the Japanese kanji Abunai that says Dangerous
So when you’re wearing these pretty (comfortable!) earrings with your light yellow cashmere sweater and light gray pencil skirt – or white tank top and scuffy jeans – and somebody says hey, what do your earrings say? You can smile, and tell them. Or not. But hey, just for fun how about a piece with a sweater?

Sweaters are essential pieces in our winter wardrobes from the matching gear website https://matchinggear.com/. There are several ones to choose from: v-necks, turtlenecks, mock necks and boatnecks, just to name a few. Wearing jewelry with your outfits make them look complete. Our outfits just wouldn’t be the same without jewelry! With all the different types of sweaters you can wear, which jewelry looks best with them?

You can wear several types of necklaces with a boatneck sweater, like a statement necklace, single layer necklace or even a choker. Because the neckline comes up to the neck, but is still open, a multi-layer necklace looks beautiful with this type of sweater. The gray color of this boatneck sweater and the silver tone of this mother of pearl and silver β€œAurelia” necklace looks great together.

The kanji says Abunai: dangerous πŸ˜‰

Pretty pink necklace – the kanji Tenshi says “Angel”

This is one of my new favorites! It’s a pretty little necklace, I love the graceful navetete shape, and, well, moms seem to like wearing a necklace that says “Angel” πŸ™‚

Japanese kanji pink necklace says Tenshi or Angel

I don’t know if it’s because they think their kids are angels – or maybe hubby thinks she’s an angel for putting up with them (or him)! Either way, it’s a pretty color, and fun to wear for spring.

And Mother’s Day is coming πŸ™‚

Kanji dogtag necklace says “Samurai”

The kanji “Samurai” has been one of my most-requested custom kanji, and dogtag necklaces are pretty popular – I think because both men and women can wear them easily. I just finished this new kanji dogtag necklace:

dogtag necklace that says Samurai in japanese kanji

I think people are drawn to the Samurai kanji because the idea of an honorable, noble warrior is one that we all appreciate – it’s not so far from the strong, silent American cowboy in the Wild West, except maybe for a bit more discipline (and a boss, or shogun) for many samurai. But a brave warrior? That’s an ideal we can respect.

I made this first necklace in dark khaki at a customer request – but there will be more πŸ™‚

Lacquered Paper Penguin Pin – fun customer favorite

Oh dear. That title makes it sound like it’s a favorite of “Fun Customers” when what I meant is, it’s a fun pin that’s a customer favorite. That makes sense, right?

Penguin Pin closeup

I’ve made this little guy (or girl, hmm, I think you have to be a vet – or a penguin – to tell for sure) in several sizes. Mostly the same colors of course, because I’m trying to be sort-of-realistic…. but you know, it tells me that a lot of people love penguins. I know I do – so it kind of makes my day when someone requests one – it’s always a joy to make one of my Penguins πŸ™‚

Kaleidoscope Big Lightweight Paper Earrings

Okay, maybe kaleidoscope. Or mandala (that’s what I first thought). Or even “snowflake” (remember the snowflakes we used to cut out as kids?) – that’s what these new earrings remind me of.

Big Lightweight Blue and Black Mandala Snowflake Earrings

They’re big, colorful, and lightweight earrings – lacquered paper, with a bit of curve and a lot of shine. And available in custom colors, of course.

Just for fun πŸ™‚

Kanji jewelry that says “Love”

Not surprisingly, the japanese symbol for “love” is one of the most popular kanji choices. Whether it’s used for earrings, a pendant or necklace, people seem to, well, love this kanji!

The kanji for love, in paper earrings and pendants

It goes without saying (well, okay, I have to say it) that “love” is a wonderful kanji to use for gifts, too.

P.S. You know that the first year anniversary is the paper anniverary, right? And the kanji jewelry shown here says “Love”. I could connect the dots here… but I know you can too. what a terrific paper anniversary gift idea!

Color in Springtime – and Vintage Glass Jewels, too

Because I’m in the mood for color this spring – I’ve said that before. Somehow after the blue jeans and scrungy tee shirts (which are a lot of my year-round wardrobe), I want something fresh and new and pretty.

And I’ve got just the thing. You know accessories are the most useful fashion there ever. You can change your basic black with a pop of color – and zing up your white!

Art deco pattern lacquered paper necklace - with vintage glass jewel
Art Deco patterned, lacquered paper necklace with vintage glass jewel

Of course I can make the necklace in any color combo – with a coordinating vintage glass jewel. I do love these soft blues and green, though. They remind me of a summer garden, only without the work πŸ™‚

And it’s a lovely gift for someone you love – hey, I had to say that. But it really is – she’ll love it!

Pet Photo Jewelry – with a twist

I’ve started doing “pet photo jewelry” lately and people are so enthusiastic about their pets, furbabies, fuzzy kids, whatever you call them – I have a feeling these are going to be fun!

There’s a twist though. I don’t just use straight pixel-for-pixel photos (well I can, but that hasn’t been the focus so far) – instead, I make a sort of portrait of your furbaby, and use that as the basis for the earrings (or pendant). For example, look at these sweet beagle earrings:

Custom Pet Photo Earrings or Pendant
Custom Pet Photo Earrings or Pendant

These would be fun anyway, because this is a much-loved pet and her human really cares about these earrings – and the extra fun part is that, these aren’t copied from an “exact” photo. At my customer’s urging, I played with the photo a little, I changed it, stylized it, turned it into a mini-portrait. (Yes, I photoshopped it!)

I think it’s going to be interesting to go down that road a little more πŸ™‚

The earrings are a great conversation starter, if you’re into that. And they’re a great keepsake gift for someone you love (hmm, can we can “paper anniversary present”?) For someone who loves their pet!

PS I’m going to be putting up some new and different examples soon – stay tuned for further developments!

First Year Anniversary Gifts (yes, the Paper Anniversary)

So, the first year anniversary is traditionally considered the “paper anniversary” – well, except in Great Britain where, I’m told, the paper anniversary is the second anniversary. Not sure why the diff there.

So I’m thinking most people go with the “paper anniversary” tradition. And all you first-year-marrieds out there? Have I got a gift suggestion for you πŸ™‚

Guys – this is the perfect answer for your “what do I get for her, she loves jewelry, she loves flowers, yeah, and I’m supposed to do that paper thing” anniversary-present-that-I-need-to-order-TODAY problem.

Paper Jewels, of course. Even more specifically (if you’re not sure what to get) – these gorgeous paper earrings:

Lacquered Paper Pink Rose and Swarovski Crystal Earrings

These flower earrings are very pretty, they’re comfortable (I promise!), they’re feminine and affordable and yeah, they’re made with paper. So. You’re getting her artist handmade paper earrings, that also feature Swarovski crystals (the finest in the world) and gold (okay, gold-filled earwires). She’s going to love them.

And you, of course.