Easy Paper Wall Art – and DIY wedding idea!

I honestly thought I had already written about this one, it’s so wonderful and memorable and EASY. You can tailor it exactly for wherever you need Wall Art in your home.

I found it on Pinterest – such a terrific DIY resource 😉

DIY Wall Art - customizable wall art

All you need is something to use for a backing – foam core, posterboard, you name it – and some petal-shaped paper cutouts. Recycled paper would be best, of course. Play with the arrangement, try out ideas, and create a wonderful montage that’s just the size, shape, and color range that you need in your room.

It’s Do It Yourself, it’s pretty, it’s cheap-or-free, and you can DO it. This is a win!

P.S. I’ve talked about DIY weddings before – I just think it’s a great idea to (1) save money that the two of you could use for a zillion other things, and (2) invest more of yourself and your loved ones into your wedding. This wall art is a perfect example. Use your wedding colors (or white paper and white lace, mmm!) Maybe shape the petals into a heart. Maybe write on each petal, with significant memories / dates / you name it. Then save the wall art for generations. Love!

Recycling, DIY, and Wall Art all in one

I saw this recently over on Pinterest . It’s one of those “Why on earth didn’t I think of that” ideas. Brilliant, useful, fun, inexpensive or cheap. I mean – really Brilliant!

Magazines on Wire Hangers - DIY wall art and storage

Now tell the truth, once you saw it, didn’t you smack yourself upside the head (mentally anyway) and say, Well YEAH, I could do that! Personally I’d use a lot more hangers, spaced closer together, so there really would be a library of magazines – and colors – and the wall would truly be a collage. But these are just details.

The idea’s originally from Unconsumption.tumbler where there are so many good and fun and useful and original ideas on how to use less, reuse what you’ve got, and, well, UNconsume – that you will find endless inspiration there. It’s a fabulous resource.

Of which this DIY wall art / storage is just one super idea. Super-quick to achieve. Low or zero cost – what, you haven’t got some old wire hangers around? Of course you do. Colorful as you want – and changeable, as often as you want.