Recycled do-it-yourself tin can storage

Okay, I’m using a not-new idea again, but I ran across such a pretty example, I wanted to show it to you. This is how tin cans could be turned into actual, useful storage, and look really nice while they’re at it.

recycled tin can storage

I found it on Pinterest and forgot to save the link, yes I know I’m a bad person for that, and when I find it again I’ll post it here. But meanwhile – actual useful storage from tin cans? And using my favorite medium, paper, of course. Yes, you could use paint or fabric too. But still – this really works. Win!

P.S. Aha! Check out this post: 34 insanely smart DIY kitchen storage ideas – it’s in that article. Yay!

Kanji dogtag necklace says “Samurai”

The kanji “Samurai” has been one of my most-requested custom kanji, and dogtag necklaces are pretty popular – I think because both men and women can wear them easily. I just finished this new kanji dogtag necklace:

dogtag necklace that says Samurai in japanese kanji

I think people are drawn to the Samurai kanji because the idea of an honorable, noble warrior is one that we all appreciate – it’s not so far from the strong, silent American cowboy in the Wild West, except maybe for a bit more discipline (and a boss, or shogun) for many samurai. But a brave warrior? That’s an ideal we can respect.

I made this first necklace in dark khaki at a customer request – but there will be more 🙂

Do it yourself tissue paper flowers

I know, I’ve mentioned make-it-yourself flowers before. But really, you can’t have too many, and it’s always good to know new ways to make them. And easy? Easy is good!

how to instructions for do it yourself tissue paper flowers

And pretty? I mentioned pretty, right? I found these inspiring, easy-to-make paper flowers – with a “how to” right on the pic – over at Pinterest (see link above). Of course they’d be darling for gift wrap decorations – but honestly the first thing I thought of, was a bunch of them – 5 or 9 or whatever – tossed in a glass bowl, as a centerpiece or room decoration. Talk about a pop of color – for practically no money!

Do it yourself – colorful – fun – and flowers. Yes, this is a win-win!

P.S. Choose your wedding colors. Enlist your friends and teach them how to make these. Make a bowl for each table at your wedding. Or scatter them on the buffet table. Pretty bridal decorations – no money (well almost no money) – and a fun thing to do with your girls. See what I mean? Win!

P.S.S. If you can find some thin old paper – colorful magazine pages maybe? – wouldn’t those be pretty too? And recycled. Just sayin 🙂

New japanese kanji earrings that say “Love”

The kanji on these earrings says Ai – which means Love. They’re about 1-1/2″ long but very lightweight (and comfy – I’m big on that) – and they’re just super fun for spring 🙂

Japanese kanji pink and purple paper earrings that say Love

I show them here in light purple, lilac and pink – but you can choose your own color combo (of course). Custom made, her favorite colors, and hmm, Valentine’s Day is coming.

This could be a big win-win 🙂

DIY Craft Storage – yes please, recycled and reused!

My favorite kind of idea – do it yourself storage, and organization, and it’s a great example of “recycle and reuse”. Also practically free!

DIY recycled ribbon storage

What I specially love about this is not only that it’s made from recycled materials (an oatmeal container in this case) but that it’s so useful! You could use it as shown, on its side and resting on an old shoebox lid, easy peasy. Or you could stand it up to take up less space on your shelf. Yes, the ribbons would trail down, but with the shape and size of this container, they’d stay organized and accessible. Win!

Plus when you cover it with your own (recycled) paper, it’s going to fit into your decor perfectly 🙂

I found this adorable idea over at Scrapbooks Etc. – which is part of the Better Homes and Gardens network. Of course there are LOTS of super ideas over there, go peek!