Thanks on Memorial Day

This is a Thank You to all the vets – past and present – who have served our country. Who have put their time and health and sanity and lives on the line, to do their job. Because they need to know they are appreciated.

Memorial Day

So this is taking a moment to remember the sacrifices these men and women nave made – and to let them know that they are remembered, and appreciated, and that at least they were valued. Are valued. It’s not enough – but I mean it. Thank you.

DIY Recycled Storage – part, well, next

Recycled storage is kind of an ongoing thing with me so I don’t really know if this is Part Four or maybe Twelve. You understand. And this is basic recycled-coffee-can stuff, Recycling 101 to most of us. But it’s so cute, I wanted to share:

recycled coffee can storage

Now that would look great on any shelf. They’re using it here to hold plastic bags, and that’s a fine idea (though we are hopefully using way fewer plastic bags these days). But it would work for any kitchen, craft room, or kid’s room storage. Or to hold cotton balls (okay, a lot of them) in the bathroom.

The point is, it looks good. Cover the can with some great fabric or paper (reycled of course) – make one or save them up and do 10 of them to line your craft shelves – or, well, you name it. It works, it’s cheap or free, and it saves some stuff from the landfill!

Gisele Bundchen in sustainable hemp gown!

Now this is fashion at its finest. A beautiful woman, and a gorgeous gown:

Gisele Bundchen in sustainable hemp gown
I spotted this gorgeous creation (I meant the dress but hey, Gisele too) on Yahoo’s weekly “Too Hot to Handle” photo feature spotlighting celebrities who look great, or who are promoting something Yahoo’s invested in, or whatever. But this one is totally on the mark. Gisele looks great. The dress is fab. And according to the text, the gown is a “100% sustainable Prophetik hemp gown”.

We need to see more from Prophetik, and more of these gorgeous dresses, and does anybody want to guess why we haven’t seen more hemp products in, like, ever? Oh? because the right wing doesn’t want us to grow pot…er, hemp (no, it is not always the same thing) because they can’t make any money off it, if we do? And still we can go¬† online to find certain products, such as Nanocraftcbd.Com Latest Products that specialize in selling all these products.

Pfft. Hemp is sustainable. The dress is beautiful. What’s not to love?