Happy Thanksgiving

Oh my goodness, it’s November already – it’s Thanksgiving already! I don’t know where the Fall has gone (or the summer!)

So I am just chiming in to say, Happy Thanksgiving. I don’t have a happy thanksgiving kanji necklace, darn. So I’m putting up a picture of a pair of Happiness earrings that I think are kind of pretty – and I do think Happiness is a good notion to share 🙂

white pearl kanji happiness earrings available at Paper Jewels

Have a wonderful holiday. Eat a little too much, hug your relatives, laugh with the kids, and hey, even fall asleep in front of the football game. I never do that of course (yeah).

And I’ll be back soon 🙂

Happy Halloween !

Woo hoo, time is flying by – here it is Halloween already. One of my favorite holidays!

Happy Halloween pumpkin

We’re all set for the little ones to come by for goodies. Didn’t do as much as usual this year, somehow the holiday snuck up on us. So we don’t have the vibrating dead rat, or the huge ghost out front – but we do have creepies and crawlies, and our friendly Scary Witch on the front porch. My DH is probably going to wear his Headless Frankenstein Monster suit again. The kids love it 🙂

Have a happy, safe, fun Halloween!

DIY Christmas ornaments

I know, it’s nowhere near Christmas. But that’s the best time to think of DIY stuff – because then you have time to actually do it, when you get in the mood. And these ornaments are so cute!

do it yourself christmas ornaments using cookie cutters

As you’ll see when you click on the link, I found this super idea on Pinterest. The day I found it, the link didn’t actually work, so I haven’t investigated what else can be found on the original site, Moms Need To Know Blog. I’ll bet there are some goodies though – she thought of the cookie cutters idea and it is very cool!

There are no instructions on the pic itself, so we’re ad libbing here – but that’s all right. You could just tape your fave pics inside the cookie cutters – or use any pretty paper (recycled is better, of course!). Or follow the idea of a couple shown here, and use family photos! Talk about special ornaments for your tree, or for gifts for your sibs, or kids, or Mom.

To hang the ornaments, you could drill a hole in the top of the (thrift store) cookie cutter, or just tie on a ribbon, or use raffia, or, well, try a few experiments! Have fun. Make them unique and your very own – and share with loved ones. That’s the best Christmas ornament there is!

Thanks on Memorial Day

This is a Thank You to all the vets – past and present – who have served our country. Who have put their time and health and sanity and lives on the line, to do their job. Because they need to know they are appreciated.

Memorial Day

So this is taking a moment to remember the sacrifices these men and women nave made – and to let them know that they are remembered, and appreciated, and that at least they were valued. Are valued. It’s not enough – but I mean it. Thank you.

DIY – make your own envelope!

I think this one is super fun. Do it yourself – make your own envelope!

Do it yourself - make an envelope

How fun is that! Now I know it’s red and white paper in the pic, and in the shape of a heart to start out withi – and it’s possible I meant to post this before Valentine’s Day. But it is NOT a Valentine’s Day envelope. Just imagine the paper has flowers on it. Or koala bears. The point is, you can take any sturdy(ish)paper, cut it as shown, fold it as shown, and voila! A wonderful handmade envelope.

I found this over on Pinterest and I have to say, it’s simple – and brilliant. Oh – if I was using this to mail a letter (a letter! wow!) I would write the address on a white stick-on label, so it’s readable. But hey, it would still be handmade and personal.

It’s cute. It’s useful. You can use recycled paper. See what a good idea this is?

Merry Christmas!

From our house to yours – have a happy Christmas! And yes, at our house that includes the pups 🙂

Merry Christmas from oiur house to your house

May your holiday be silly, and fun, and peaceful, and warm, and did I mention safe? happy? and full of love? That’s the important part of Christmas. Presents are nice – but fun and warm and love is major 🙂

Have a wonderful holiday and a super new year!

DIY Christmas Decorations – Snowflakes!

I know, these really are classics, and most of us made them as kids. I just thought, as a last minute Christmas decoration – and one that costs next to nothing – snowflakes are such a wonderful idea. And then I found a page that actually explained how to turn snowflakes into ornaments or decorations for Christmas. So just in case you need a little nudge? Here you go 🙂

DIY How to make paper snowflake christmas decorations

Think about it – you’re broke, you need a few more decorations. You could use colored paper and use them for ornaments on your tree. You could stick them on your window for “winter” decorations even if you’re in Miami. You could use them as the “bow” when you’re wrapping your packages.

Paper. Christmas decorations. Do it yourself. Pretty. (And almost free). Win-win!

Happy Fathers Day, Guys :-)

Just a tip of the hat to all the dads out there – they’re usually unsung heroes, yknow?

Dad working on the car - and teaching
Dad fixing the car – and teaching his kid 🙂
(Photo courtesy of classicvintageautos.com, thank you!)

Happy Dad’s Day next week, guys!

P.S. If you haven’t thought of it yet, go grab a funny card – or send a gift – or make a note to CALL him. It means a lot!