DIY – make your own envelope!

I think this one is super fun. Do it yourself – make your own envelope!

Do it yourself - make an envelope

How fun is that! Now I know it’s red and white paper in the pic, and in the shape of a heart to start out withi – and it’s possible I meant to post this before Valentine’s Day. But it is NOT a Valentine’s Day envelope. Just imagine the paper has flowers on it. Or koala bears. The point is, you can take any sturdy(ish)paper, cut it as shown, fold it as shown, and voila! A wonderful handmade envelope.

I found this over on Pinterest and I have to say, it’s simple – and brilliant. Oh – if I was using this to mail a letter (a letter! wow!) I would write the address on a white stick-on label, so it’s readable. But hey, it would still be handmade and personal.

It’s cute. It’s useful. You can use recycled paper. See what a good idea this is?

Tip of the Day

I don’t know if I even have a “tip of the day” section but if I don’t, I ought to. I recently found this one over at Apartment Therapy which you know is one of my favorite sites, anyway. And this! so useful.

If you use dryer sheets – well, I’ve said it before – really, don’t. Now I have an alternative to suggest:

crumpled aluminum foil dryer sheet

Voila! I tried it and it works. Crumple a piece of aluminum foil, toss it in the dryer. Instant de-staticer. And you can reuse it for months. MUCH better than buying a new chemical-impregnated sheet for every load of wash.

I still don’t use them very often. But when I do – hey, this works!

Recycled tin can storage, part two or three?

I couldn’t help it, I had to share. I just saw another example of actually useful do-it-yourself storage using tin cans. Convert your central desk drawer or kitchen junk drawer to a place where you can actually find things!

do it yourself storage using recycled tin cans

So – recycled tin cans, which is good. Easy to do – ditto. Actually useful – yes!

I’d probably paint the cans, just because I think it’d be cooler if they were all black or bright turquoise or something. But that’s just me. Either way – useful storage and do-it-yourself organization. And recycling. And free.

I found this helpful pic over at Shelterness Blog which has a ton of useful, fun ideas for how to make your home work better and be more you. It’s a great resource – and any place that helps us organize, and recycle, and looks good at the same time – this is a win!