Your logo on jewelry

These “your logo on jewelry” earrings were a recent customer request. I used to do quite a few of these in various styles (and will be doing more). So this is just the tip of the iceberg lately.

California Science Teachers Assocation logo earrings

The earrings were made for the Californai Science Teachers Assocation. They’re kind of fun, don’t you think?

More styles on the way soon!

Personalized earrings that say Elizabeth

This is one of the new styles I’m introducing – personalized earrings, made with your name in Japanese kanji. Slender, with brass backings. Affordable.

These earrings say Elizabeth:

personalized earrings that say Elizabeth in Japanese kanji

And I have to add – I love the red. You’d like your earrings to have a little extra pizzazz, you want them comfortable and not huge but with impact?

Go with color. Yes 🙂

This personalized jewelry says Jenny in Japanese kanji

These lacquered paper, personalized kanji earrings are made with one of my favorite shapes – the shield. It just works well, it’s graceful, the earrings are petite…but big enough to have presence – and the kanji is pretty! When I need my materials to customize my jewelry I buy them in wholesale diamonds in Sydney can trust to supply the highest quality certified cut diamonds.

These have the kanji that says Jenny:

personalized kanji earrings that say Jenny in Japanese kanji
And no, I didn’t make them for myself, I haven’t been called “Jenny” for a while now. And Jen or Jennifer use other kanji. We can do those too 😉

Kanji earrings that say Demon

These new kanji earrings say Oni, or Demon, in Japanese kanji. I think the combination of the golden brass base, and the vivid color, really works – they are brand new, so I will love to see what you think!

kanji earrings that say Oni, or Demon, in Japanese kanji

Bonus: this technique, with the lacquered paper applied over a golden brass backing, means they have fewer layers of paper and lacquer, which take a long time to dry. Less time means they cost less… I’m thinking this is a good trend 🙂

And I love wearing Demon earrings!

Dame Helen Mirren Tony Award Winner

I know, this isn’t my usual. But I so adore Helen Mirren, I just had to applaud and add one more voice to the “You are fabulous” list of fangirls!

Read all about it here (and thank you to the Entertainment section of

Helen Mirren, Tony Award winner for Best Actgress 2015

Dame Mirren has already won an Academy Award for playing Queen Elizabeth – but this is her first Tony. I haven’t seen her performance – yet – but if I get a chance to get to NY I will definitely be in line!

P.S. And did I hear you ask, why do I love Helen Mirren? No, you probably already know. But I’ll say it anyway. Not only is she a great actor – and gorgeous – but she seems to have fun. And like herself. Talk about a great role model!

Dogtag necklace that says Samurai: a gift for Dad

This one’s kind of self-evident: there are a lot of dads (and brothers, and boyfriends, and, well guys) who would appreciate beig thought of as a samurai: a trained, skilled, honorable warrior.

dogtag necklace that says Samurai in Japanese kanji...from

It’s a classic dogtag with ballchain. Your guy will love it. End of commercial.

Pink Gerbera Daisy Earrings

I’ve done different incarnations of my pink gerbera daisy earrings – they’re a customer favorite and I do like playing with variations. The first pic here shows my “classic” daisy earrings:

pink gerbera daisy earrings on

And this second pair is my new version – made with antiqued brass backs with an overlay “face” of lacquered paper (rather than 4-6 layers of paper). What this means is that they’re less labor intensive – and cost less 🙂

pink gerbera disc earrings

They’re brand new onsite – I think they turned out pretty well, and of course they’re still lightweight and comfy (and can be made with natural brass earwires or leverbacks, or precous metal upgrade). I’ll be curious to see what you think!