Another White Room – More DIY – and it’s Great!

I know, I keep talking about white rooms – I’m not a purist, truly! I just like the clean feel – and a white room is such a great canvas for whatever personality you add to it.

I just saw this room

White Room with Concrete Floor

at Apartment Therapy.

I love the room! It’s not “grand” – it looks luxurious but partly that’s because it’s not cluttered, and because it has white sofas – but if you look more closely at them, they look to me like they might be do-it-yourself projects – those could be mattresses. And loose slipcovers like that? Entirely washable.

I think I’d replace the little occasional tables, or put a glass top on them – I’m too much of a klutz, I’d drop little things through the wire (if that’s what it is). But that maybe just me.

Look at the ceiling – that too could be a DIY project. Add some scuzzy 2x4s you got on sale or from a reject pile – then paint the whole ceiling white. Instant atmosphere. And it doesn’t hurt that the view through the windows is of the Aegean Sea (I think this apartment is in Greece?)

The actual article was about (drum roll here) concrete floors. Yes, this one too – including the “rug”.

There’s a companion article with tips on how to paint a concrete floor.

All this is do-it-yourself on a big scale maybe; but it’s also useful and affordable and hey, don’t you love that room!

Add a Pop of Color to your Home (and go Vintage of course!)

You know I’m always talking about decorating with white – and I really do love it. White, and/or neutral, mostly. But that makes color even more important and vibrant when you do add some. Take a neutral room (make a neutral room) and then add a splash of color – and it really sings.

Imagine how gorgeous these would be in a white room!

Vintage Blue Glass Candleholders

I found them at a terrific vintage Etsy shop, Design Through Time. There are lots of goodies over there – you’ll want to go peek 🙂

She also has another shop on Etsy, ModernSpecific on Etsy, where I found this fabulous

Vintage Rosti of Denmark Melamine Yellow 4 Liter Mixing Bowl
Vintage Rosti of Denmark Melamine Yellow 4 Liter Mixing Bowl

See what I mean about the color just singing to you?

Even if the items I’m showing here are gone when you go look – she’s got lots of treasures. And (I think) all vintage. So: good design, reasonable prices, and fabulous character pieces. Go look!

Cute Shoes – and they’re Vintage!

I found these totally adorable shoes today on Etsy:

Cute Vintage Shoes

They’re available from Tbone4Life and they’re only $12.00 (plus shipping)! If they were my size I would be buying them today. But they’re not, so you have a shot at them 🙂

If they’re gone when you see this, go look at her shop anyway – she’s got some super cute goodies at great prices. And they’re vintage, so you’re being eco-friendly and fashion conscious all at the same time.

Comfy and cute shoes – totally of the good!

Home Decorating – with Craigslist

I just wanted to point out something you probably know already – the great finds you can score at Craigslist. If you’re in the U.S. – and a lot of cities worldwide – there’s a local craigslist, or close to “local”. And if you’re shopping for goodies for your house – you really ought to check it out before you go and pay Retail!

For instance – here are a few goodies I found today in my local CL. If I were Seriously Shopping, and not just looking around, I would call the owner to check any of these out!

Table and Chairs on CraigslistTable and Chairs on Craigslist
They’re asking $75 for the table and five chairs. $75! And that bench has lovely bones, I think. They’re asking a whopping $20.

Patio Set on Craigslist Patio Set on Craigslist

The patio set? The owners mentioned the chairs need new cushions (or covers) and maybe a coat of paint too. But hey, they’re asking $50 for all the pieces shown. And the sofa? It might not look as good in person, or it could be all smoky-smelling, or torn up and down the back. But it might be as good as it looks. And doesn’t it look good? They’re asking $150. Might take less 🙂

Yes you have to inspect your purchase carefully, and not be afraid to say “Sorry, don’t want it.” But sometimes you really will want it – and you might get a great deal!

PS You are also Going Green – you’re reusing and recycling, and maybe rethinking too 🙂

Happy Fathers Day, Guys :-)

Just a tip of the hat to all the dads out there – they’re usually unsung heroes, yknow?

Dad working on the car - and teaching
Dad fixing the car – and teaching his kid 🙂
(Photo courtesy of, thank you!)

Happy Dad’s Day next week, guys!

P.S. If you haven’t thought of it yet, go grab a funny card – or send a gift – or make a note to CALL him. It means a lot!