DIY bracelet storage

I found this wonderful idea at Real Simple – and it really is. As soon as you see it, you’ll go Yes, and Why didn’t I think of that?

DIY bracelet storage

Find a sturdy, non-tippy candlestick. I’d probably paint it to match my bedroom decor. Slip your bracelets on. Easy peasy – they’re findable, they’re easy to get at, and you can enjoy seeing them even if you’re not wearing them.

Go to the thrift store for the candlesticks, of course. Take this simple, useful idea and make it terrific – rethink and reuse. Double win!

DIY paper garland or chain

Recently I found a super example of a garland or paper chain you can make:

do it yourself paper chain or garland

I found it at Decoist – there were no instructions that I could find, but we don’t need them. Cut strips of a similar size (from recycled paper, of course) – glue one in an “O” shape to make your first link. Slip the next strip through the loop to make the next link in the chain. Repeat, a lot 🙂

The beautiful thing about this idea is that you can use any colors you like. Make Christmas garlands. Use all white to make wedding garlands. Use the colors in your daughter’s room to make changeable, no-cost or low-cost curtains!

This is really DIY at its finest. Totally customizeable, practically free, and you can use recycled paper. And it’s a great craft to make with your kids. If they’re little you want to supervise, because scissors and glue. But hey, sharing, and fun. Win!

PS Plus – so cute! win-win!

DIY – recycle and reuse bottles

Now I know this isn’t a new idea. But the example I found is so fun I thought you’d like to see it 🙂

recycle and reuse bottles idea

You can tell how to do it just seeing the pic. Make a design using tape (or anything that would resist paint – hmm, maybe Vaseline-ish stuff that you’ve fingerpainted?) – then spray paint the bottle. Voila! Instant design. Use salvaged / recycled bottles, or tin cans, or plastic canisters.

Use containers with lids and you’ve got storage. Use several small bottles and you’ve got a collection. Use your own colors. This is a totally customizeable, do-able idea, it will only cost a smidge for paint – and it’s fun!

DIY the way it ought to be – cheap, fun, and even useful. Win!

DIY Christmas ornaments

I know, it’s nowhere near Christmas. But that’s the best time to think of DIY stuff – because then you have time to actually do it, when you get in the mood. And these ornaments are so cute!

do it yourself christmas ornaments using cookie cutters

As you’ll see when you click on the link, I found this super idea on Pinterest. The day I found it, the link didn’t actually work, so I haven’t investigated what else can be found on the original site, Moms Need To Know Blog. I’ll bet there are some goodies though – she thought of the cookie cutters idea and it is very cool!

There are no instructions on the pic itself, so we’re ad libbing here – but that’s all right. You could just tape your fave pics inside the cookie cutters – or use any pretty paper (recycled is better, of course!). Or follow the idea of a couple shown here, and use family photos! Talk about special ornaments for your tree, or for gifts for your sibs, or kids, or Mom.

To hang the ornaments, you could drill a hole in the top of the (thrift store) cookie cutter, or just tie on a ribbon, or use raffia, or, well, try a few experiments! Have fun. Make them unique and your very own – and share with loved ones. That’s the best Christmas ornament there is!

Eco friendly, recycled, Colored Pencils

Is this not a fabulous idea, a terrific product, and just a great all round present for the artist in your life?

eco friendly handmade recycled colored pencils

This is recycled artistry at its best. These pencils are made with recycled paper (yay!) They are fun, they are functional. They are just a GREAT idea and beautifully made. I found them at Moxie Makery which has the tagline “A shop full of awesome” and it IS.

Handmade journals. Pantone dipped pencils. Recycled eco friendly wonderfulness – this is just the sort of shop we need to support and love to find. Put some art back in the art of writing! Check these out: you’ll thank me!

DIY storage – the next part

Whichever one that is. The next one. And this is basically an inspiration pic.

silver painted baskets - do it yourself storage

For one thing, these are pretty. But more importantly – well, sort of importantly – you can adapt this idea in a zillion ways, most of which have already occurred to you because you are a smart cookie 🙂

Go to your fave thrift store. Buy the cheapest baskets that can be stacked, or have handles, or fit whatever nook you’re going to put them in. Stop at the hardware store on the way home and buy some spray paint – or raid your craft closet. Spray the baskets (outside if you can, because fumes).

Voila: storage that can hide clutter – and organize stuff. That can be tailored to any spot in your house, to hold whatever you need to stash.

And hey, you can adapt this idea – of course – to cardboard boxes. See, now we’re even talking about recycling and adapting paper because, you know, Paper Jewels 😉

DIY Recycled Storage – part, well, next

Recycled storage is kind of an ongoing thing with me so I don’t really know if this is Part Four or maybe Twelve. You understand. And this is basic recycled-coffee-can stuff, Recycling 101 to most of us. But it’s so cute, I wanted to share:

recycled coffee can storage

Now that would look great on any shelf. They’re using it here to hold plastic bags, and that’s a fine idea (though we are hopefully using way fewer plastic bags these days). But it would work for any kitchen, craft room, or kid’s room storage. Or to hold cotton balls (okay, a lot of them) in the bathroom.

The point is, it looks good. Cover the can with some great fabric or paper (reycled of course) – make one or save them up and do 10 of them to line your craft shelves – or, well, you name it. It works, it’s cheap or free, and it saves some stuff from the landfill!

Do it yourself paper flowers

Paper flowers are just a beautiful – and inexpensive – fun decoration for your house. Aren’t these gorgeous?

Paper Dahlias - do it yourself paper craft

If you love dahlias you’ll have fun with this tutorial! I found the pic over on Pinterest and followed it to – it’s a video tutorial and I think you’ll find her directions easy and fun.

Think about it. Easy to do – inexpensive – and of course you can choose your colors, and patterns, and how big or small. This is what DIY is all about – to make it just the way you like it!

PS And hey, if you’re picking your paper anyway – why not grab a stack of old magazines? Great color and you can recycle *and* create great flowers. Just sayin!

DIY – make your own envelope!

I think this one is super fun. Do it yourself – make your own envelope!

Do it yourself - make an envelope

How fun is that! Now I know it’s red and white paper in the pic, and in the shape of a heart to start out withi – and it’s possible I meant to post this before Valentine’s Day. But it is NOT a Valentine’s Day envelope. Just imagine the paper has flowers on it. Or koala bears. The point is, you can take any sturdy(ish)paper, cut it as shown, fold it as shown, and voila! A wonderful handmade envelope.

I found this over on Pinterest and I have to say, it’s simple – and brilliant. Oh – if I was using this to mail a letter (a letter! wow!) I would write the address on a white stick-on label, so it’s readable. But hey, it would still be handmade and personal.

It’s cute. It’s useful. You can use recycled paper. See what a good idea this is?

Tip of the Day

I don’t know if I even have a “tip of the day” section but if I don’t, I ought to. I recently found this one over at Apartment Therapy which you know is one of my favorite sites, anyway. And this! so useful.

If you use dryer sheets – well, I’ve said it before – really, don’t. Now I have an alternative to suggest:

crumpled aluminum foil dryer sheet

Voila! I tried it and it works. Crumple a piece of aluminum foil, toss it in the dryer. Instant de-staticer. And you can reuse it for months. MUCH better than buying a new chemical-impregnated sheet for every load of wash.

I still don’t use them very often. But when I do – hey, this works!