Stencil or Wallpaper? DIY Goodness!

I found this idea recently and I just love it. This could be wallpaper, carefully applied – but it’s not. It’s a stencil. And you can do it yourself 🙂

do it yourself wall decoration.... stencils in your color

To make it even better, the stencil pattern is FREE! It’s from All Things Thrifty – a do-it-yourself and thrifty blog with tons of good ideas, tutorials, how-tos, and pics. Scroll down the page I’ve linked, to see this particular wall pic – but read the whole page to get lots of inspiration and ideas. AND she has a tutorial on how to make the stencil!

Now, I happen to love the one she shows in this pic – that it’s asymetrical, that it’s turquoise, just because that’s a great color, and it’s in a mostly white room – but those are details that appeal to me. Of course it could be in exactly the color you need – in whatever configuration works for you.

Yes, you could use wallpaper to achieve this look, especially if the background color of the wallpaper matched your own wall color. But you’d have to buy a whole roll of wallpaper (probably), in the exact right color, and, well, think how much better to just Do it Yourself.

Especially with a free stencil pattern. And a tutorial. And spending practically nothing. How cool is that?