Wall Art – Vinyl Stickers for Grown Ups

Okay, you want to spruce up your place, and you want it to be (1) easy, (2) affordable, (3) great looking, and did I mention (4) easy?

You really should check out the vinyl wall art – stickers for grownups! at Savvy Gal Designs on Etsy.

Like this fabulous graphic:

Wall Art Vinyl Stickers for Grownups

These are great for renters – easy to apply *and* to take down.

Personalize your space! Not only can you apply them vertically or horizontally, you can choose your own color. Go for it!

Vintage Dress Patterns

I’ve been sewing for (cough mumble) years, and I was jazzed to find a great online source of great vintage sewing patterns. Like this one:

Vintage Dress Pattern

The seller is Glamourstitch on Etsy. She has bunches of fab vintage patterns, some easy, some not so much.

By the way, check out the accessories on the pattern illustration – LOVE the shoes! Which just reminds me – if you have access to some really old magazines, or patterns, or whatever – they can be a great source of fashion inspiration 🙂

This is just one more (great) way to reuse and recycle – rescuing and using something that has been neglected for decades. And you’re doing it yourself (if you’re the one sewing) and you’re making something TRULY unique. How cool is that!