Chain Maille Tutorial and it’s FANTASTIC

Okay, I totally fell off the edge of the world for a while there, and I am super later with this rec than I meant to be. (And am apologizing big time for that.) But it’s totally worth waiting for.

I was fortunate enough to be a sponsor for several Totally Tutorial projects through my jewelry supplies shop on Etsy. And I am blown away by the excellence of the tutorials submitted to me.

Sample of Chain Maille created and photographed by Clair

Case in point: this is probably the best tutorial for Chain Maille I have ever seen. I have some skill making jewelry, but maille has always eluded me – and this tutorial made me WANT to try it. The artist and author Clair (of the wonderful Obstinate Pursuit blog) has given us a delightful, witty, comprehensible tutorial on how to Maille.

Check it out and let me – and her! – know how totally irresistible it is! And send her some congrats, too – she did a great job in creation *and* explanation!

PS Check out the Totally Tutorial Blog too – lots and lots of goodies there!