Red rose earrings – paper jewelry :-)

I love the simplicity of these earrings – the oval shape, the rich vivid color:

lacquered paper red rose earrings from

These earrings will make your outfit. I know, it’s just a pair of earrings – but they’re pretty, and the color is great, and they’re just big enough to give a vibe without being in your face. For work, for play – these can do that 🙂

Plus: lacquered paper, lightweight, easy to wear and comfy. Did I mention I’m really into comfy?

Your name in Japanese…this pendant says Angela

This teardrop necklace ssays Angela in Japanese kanji. This pretty robin’s egg blue color and antiqued silver “frame” make this design one of my most popular styles.

personalized kanji necklace that says Angela .... your name in Japanese

One of the great things about this style – besides the graceful shape and affordable cost – is that it can be made in antiqued brass or silver, and the personalized pendant can be any color. You can really make it your own. Your fave color, your choice of finish, your name. Personal is what it’s all about 🙂

P.S. And for an anniversary gift? Come on guys, this works!

Personalized earrings that say Ashley

These simple, geometric “Ashley” earrings are one of the new styles I’m working with.

personalized Ashley earrings from

They’re lacquered paper backed with brass – so they take less time – and they cost less. Plus they’re cute, and even with the brass backing, they’re still lightweight enough to be comfy.

And – stay tuned. This type of earrings can be personalized with your choice of phrases or words, as well as names. Got a secret code word? An acronym that’s full of meaning to you and your best bud, but nobody else? A symbolic word the meaning of life? (Yes, that could be 42. But then people might think that’s your age, and if it’s not, maybe that wouldn’t work.)

Think about it – what secret word would you like to see?

Independence Day

Hey everybody, just a quickie – have a safe, happy, fun Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July

And if you’re not in the U.S. – *still* have a safe, fun and happy Fourth of July 🙂

A tree on the roof

So this week we had a little interruption to normal stuff. Early Friday June 26 (like 2:00 in the morning early) we had a pretty good storm here in KC. I heard there was a small tornado skipping down a nearby road – no confirmation on that though. But we did have a little drama here at our house:

tree branch that fell on the roof

And we were so lucky – the falling branch got gentled by other branches, and did not make a hole in the roof. We know a really good tree guy (as in, removal of) but he was booked solid, so my DH did the work himself. He’s a champ! The only other PITA was being without power for 2 days – and no internet for 3 days.

So now I’m playing catch-up. But you know? SUPER lucky.

(And by the way, that broken branch looked way bigger in person. Just sayin!)