A tree on the roof

So this week we had a little interruption to normal stuff. Early Friday June 26 (like 2:00 in the morning early) we had a pretty good storm here in KC. I heard there was a small tornado skipping down a nearby road – no confirmation on that though. But we did have a little drama here at our house:

tree branch that fell on the roof

And we were so lucky – the falling branch got gentled by other branches, and did not make a hole in the roof. We know a really good tree guy (as in, removal of) but he was booked solid, so my DH did the work himself. He’s a champ! The only other PITA was being without power for 2 days – and no internet for 3 days.

So now I’m playing catch-up. But you know? SUPER lucky.

(And by the way, that broken branch looked way bigger in person. Just sayin!)

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