New Technique – New Kanji Necklace

This is going to be exciting. I’ve been experimenting with a new technique – and some super affordable Paper Jewels.

One of the reasons Paper Jewels are expensive to make is because they are incredibly time-consuming. There are approximately 30 steps – and hours of work, in small increments, to complete each piece. So I thought, there ought to be a way to make a more inexpensive Paper Jewels line that incorporates some fun kanji designs – and takes less time – and, well, costs less too!

Well there is, and here’s a sample:

Paper Jewels kanji necklace that says Bijin, or Beautiful Woman

The kanji says Bijin, or Beautiful Woman (or hot babe!)

It makes a great gift for your sweetie. The paper design is behind a sheer glass cabochon – replacing layers of (time consuming) lacquer. The chain is an 18″ faceted ball chain, silver plated over brass – both easy to use and easy to trim to size if you like.

She’ll love it – and it costs way less than “traditional” Paper Jewels. Like, $25 versus $55 or so.

If you and she are on a budget, she’ll love the price thing, too 🙂