Vintage Cocktail Dress – and Great Vintage Shop

Take a look at this gorgeous dress!

Vintage Black Cocktail Dress

It’s black, it’s dramatic, it’s gorgeous, and it’s ONLY $16.00. Amazing! and Fabulous!

Do I sound enthusiastic? Well, yeah. Scoot on over to Mr Idaho’s Vintage on Etsy. Even if the dress is gone by the time you see this, they’ve got LOTS more goodies.

Vintage – so it’s recycled – and it’s gorgeous – and it’ll be flattering – and it’s $16.00!

How can you not love this dress!

Made with Human Hands, Part 1 – Gorgeous and Upcycled!

I have found the most marvelous artist on Etsy. Her medium here is fabric and fiber and a little faery dust, I think.

Katwise Faery Coat

Her name is Katwise, and her Etsy shop is here.

You can see her work is colorful and fun and gorgeous and filled with LIFE. It’s also made with upcycled sweaters and thrift store goodness and many hours of work and, I suspect, love. I had a hard time selecting which picture to feature here – her work is full of color and each offering is different. I think it was the happy feeling of the picture above that spoke to me.

Here’s just a bit of her story (this is from her Etsy profile stuff):

My name is Kat. I am a crazy-yet-calm hitchhiker girl who has circled the globe too many times to count. I have always found new ways to thrive on my art and costumes. I strive to infuse everything I do with a sense of celebration. It is my hope that you put on something I make and feel some of that spirit coming through.

Go to her store or her website if you’d like to learn more about her art or her time in Tibet or Brazil. Or just go there for fun – you’ll smile and your life will be a little richer. Trust me.