Toy Story 3

I know, there’s a ton of hype and all, and come on, what do I care about cartoon or animated movies? Not so much. But.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 – read more about it at

I have to say it. This is a great movie. This is a movie about toys! How could it be moving, entertaining, gripping, romantic (sometimes), hysterically funny (sometimes), surprisingly sophisticated (sometimes)? But it is!

These guys are GOOD. Not only the actors – even more, the writers, the Pixar staff, the animators, all of them. They made me care. They practically had me on the edge of my seat. I knew the good guys would win, I mean, come on, it’s meant for kids (maybe), and it’s Disney, and it’s about TOYS. The good guys have to win. And they caught me up and all right, maybe there was one tiny tear or two.

Not surprisingly, the cast is terrific – but you knew they would be. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Michael Keaton – Michael Keaton! wait till you catch his character! Wallace Shawn, Ned Beatty, and I know I’m forgetting some of the good ones. How could they not be good?

It’s really funny. It’s really interesting. It’s really good. Go see it.

Oatmeal Container – into useful DIY Storage

This isn’t a new idea but I just found a great example of the classic “reuse cardboard containers” Do It Yourself idea:

Recycled Oatmeal Container - Great Storage - almost free
Recycled cardboard container (this was oatmeal) into good-looking storage

Like I said, it’s a classic idea. Cover the cardboard with contact paper, fabric, recycled magazine pages (yeah, more recycled stuff!) to match your decor. Make a grouping of three or four of them, maybe – really your imagination’s the limit, and more storage is always good 🙂

Once again I’ve found great tips – this time it’s 50 Healthy Foods for Under $1 a Pound at The Daily Green – over on Yahoo. (Scroll down the page to find 12 Things To Do With Oatmeal.

There are tons of great tips, and cost-saving ideas over there – all green oriented. Really, check it out!

Paper Roses + Vintage Skirt = Winner

I’m always looking for paper inspiration and goodies, right? And in my recent quest I found this yummy vintage skirt. The vendor is calling the print, “Paper Roses”, which is how I found it. Serendipity! It’s so fun to find surprises that are as cute as this one – and as affordable 🙂

Paper Roses Vintage Skirt
“Paper Roses” Vintage Skirt from kellyemeraldhart at Etsy

Of course once I found her shop I had to look around. She’s got really good prices, vintage skirts and dresses I’m definitely going to check out, and some goodies that I thought were both attractive and really interesting. Take a look at this artwork:

Paper Art - Polaroid into Prints from kellyemeraldhart at Etsy

Polaroid into Prints – from kellyemeraldhart at Etsy

She’s taken her own polaroids – and turned them into larger prints. You can buy a pack (as in this listing) or get each one separately for only $2.00! I love the water-color-ish look of them – and the uniqueness – and of course the price!

Original artwork – and vintage pretties – this is a great shop you definitely want to visit 🙂

P.S. AND she’s having a sale!

Recycled DIY Design and Storage

This is such a simple idea I’m crushed I didn’t think of it – but it’s so cool I have to share 🙂

I discovered this idea over at Domestically Speaking Blog – there’s bunches of useful info and fun ideas over there and you really ought to check it out.

And this idea is lovely – fun – easy!

Painted Bottles - Pic 1
Painted Bottles – Do It Yourself 🙂

More Ideas for Painted Bottles

She shares how she made them and it’s worth reading the tips she offers – but basically? You take clean empty bottles, drop in several drops of acrylic paint, put the lid back on the bottle, and shake! Much prettier than painting the outside of the bottle because you get not only the color – you get the shine and gloss of the glass.

Check out her blog – and then add a terrific punch of color to your house with recycled bottles. 🙂

PS Once again, this could be great for brides. Use silver or white paint on the inside of the bottles, and add real or silk flowers, as centerpieces for your reception tables. Or make a big grouping of the bottles, in your wedding colors of course, to add drama to any table. You’ll think of more ideas than I have – and you’ll be adding a personal (thrifty) touch to your wedding!

DIY Wall Art and yes this one IS recycled paper

So I’m back on track, yes. I’ve found a SUPER do-it-yourself project that is (1) recycled, (2) easy to do, (3) goodlooking, and (4) will fit anywhere you need art!

And it’s practically FREE.

I found this on a fun blog, Homemade Mamas Blog and they not only invented the project, they share how they did it! I’ll bet a nickel you are going to love this as much as I do:

Recycled Wall Art invented by Homemade Mamas (dot net)
Recycled Wall Art invented by Homemade Mamas (dot net)

Just to give you a hint: this is what the project starts with:
Recycled paper tubes to start with
Recycled paper towel and toilet paper cardboard tubes

Now, you see what I mean? This really handsome, sculptural wall art – is made entirely with recycled paper tubes you just throw away anyway! Well, and a little paint, and some paper clips (you can reuse those, too).

This is an idea I am definitely going to steal!

PS I added this to my “bridal and weddingj” category, because think how you could adapt this for some beautiful wedding decorations. Make floral wall art in your wedding colors. Paint the tube(lets) and scatter them on your reception tables. Spell out the names of the bride and groom! I know you can think of more ideas. And you can make them at the bridal shower!

Doors. Color. Think about it.

So this post is about doors. Not paper, this time. I’ll think of some way or other to incorporate paper – later (yes I thought of shoji screens already, thank you.)

This is an inspiration piece. Something caught my attention the other day and I started looking up pics of doors – with color. Amazing some of the pretties that are out there!

Case in point:

Turquoise Door 1-photo by Jason Williamson, found on Flickr

I found this wonderful door on Flickr – it’s the work of Jason Williamson. The photo I mean, not the door. You notice it’s not a fancy-schmancy door – this is not rich folks territory. But they believe in color.


Yellow Door

A yellow door – with character. The article is about Vanishing South Georgia over on WordPress – please do follow the link to read more.

Once again – not rich folks. But real people who added something special to their home.

And one more:

Chartreuse Door

Yes, that is definitely a Chartreuse Door. And it’s a little fancier, yes. And you really ought to go peek at her blog – Curlin Reed Sullivan – she is absolutely celebrating chartreuse, and her blog is much fun to read!

The point of all this is – one, decorate your door. Add some paint. It doesn’t cost much and it’s easy to change. But more than “decorate your door” is the idea that – well, adding color is good, adding some special personal touch is good, and it DOESN’T HAVE TO COST A LOT OF MONEY.

All it costs is – taking a little time, and caring to make life just a little more special. And just like the commercials say – that’s priceless.