Doors. Color. Think about it.

So this post is about doors. Not paper, this time. I’ll think of some way or other to incorporate paper – later (yes I thought of shoji screens already, thank you.)

This is an inspiration piece. Something caught my attention the other day and I started looking up pics of doors – with color. Amazing some of the pretties that are out there!

Case in point:

Turquoise Door 1-photo by Jason Williamson, found on Flickr

I found this wonderful door on Flickr – it’s the work of Jason Williamson. The photo I mean, not the door. You notice it’s not a fancy-schmancy door – this is not rich folks territory. But they believe in color.


Yellow Door

A yellow door – with character. The article is about Vanishing South Georgia over on WordPress – please do follow the link to read more.

Once again – not rich folks. But real people who added something special to their home.

And one more:

Chartreuse Door

Yes, that is definitely a Chartreuse Door. And it’s a little fancier, yes. And you really ought to go peek at her blog – Curlin Reed Sullivan – she is absolutely celebrating chartreuse, and her blog is much fun to read!

The point of all this is – one, decorate your door. Add some paint. It doesn’t cost much and it’s easy to change. But more than “decorate your door” is the idea that – well, adding color is good, adding some special personal touch is good, and it DOESN’T HAVE TO COST A LOT OF MONEY.

All it costs is – taking a little time, and caring to make life just a little more special. And just like the commercials say – that’s priceless.

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