Before and After – Repurposed Credenza

I found an absolutely fabulous example of how great it is to repurpose vintage finds! The credenza comes from a thrift store (and I bet you could find them cheap – or free! – Craigslist sometimes).

This was an unloved discard that nobody wanted:

Repurposed Credenza - this is the Before of before and after

And look how wonderful it is now!

Repurposed Credenza - this is the Before of before and after

Now that is seriously great style – and storage too 🙂 Learn more about this terrific transformation over at Censational Girl Blog where Kate, the inspirational blogger here, shows us some gorgeous before-and-afters, all terrific, all DIY, and all affordable. It’s a terrific – and fun – place to spend a little time!

Custom Earring Colors

I recently had a request for a redo of a pair of earrings a customer had found online. I thought this would be a nice way to show that yes, custom colors are always possible!

Here are the earrings she saw onsite:

Lilac and Offwhite Mosaic Earrings

And here are the custom colors she requested:

Mosaic Earrings with Custom Colors

They could have been radically more different, of course. Black background. Bright colors. The thing is, the customer – that’s you – you get to choose 🙂

DIY Drawer Organizer

I am determined to bring some order around here. I am. One way or another. Anyway, while I was thinking about it (instead of doing it) I started looking for ideas for drawer organizers. I’ve seen some great ones at the Container Store, etc., but I hate to spend money when I can do it myself. I just needed to focus.

And then I found a fabulous tutorial:

DIY Drawer Organizer
DIY Drawer Organizer

Aren’t they great? The wonderful tutorial is from The Stonybrookhouse Blog and she has terrific step-by-step instructions.

And a ton of other useful posts, too. Um… you might want to check out the pumpkin brownies. Just sayin 🙂

Pinterest TIP – Decorate a Cord

Love love love this one! It’s so simple – and brilliant! I found this on Pinterest – and had to pin it myself (definitely not pretending it was my original idea!)

Decorate a Cord - DIY for the Home

Is that not a terrific idea? If you have to have a visible cord – for, say, your printer – why not make it fun? Use the leaves-and-bird idea as shown. Or maybe flowers. Use twist ties to attach paper or felt or fabric flowers. Or just draw them on the wall. Or a combo of.

This is a classic “why didn’t I think of that!” idea. And fun. And fabulous!