White Flowers – or Pom Poms – Totally DIY

And gorgeous. Take a look at these – “pom pom flowers”, they’re called. I think they’re ethereal and beautiful!

DIY White Pom Pom Flowers

And they’re made with wax paper! This is what DIY is all about, or should be. Taking something ordinary – wax paper! – and with minimal skill (but a lot of imagination, thank you Marichelle from Nice Package Blog!) – something completely different is created.

You can find the tutorial here, at the Nice Package Blog. It’s not hard at all and her pics are wonderfully clear.

And come on – aren’t these flowers wonderful?

P.S. And why couldn’t these be a wonderful decoration for your wedding? They LOOK like wedding flowers!
P.P.S. When you visit Nice Package Blog you’re going to find more wonderful ideas. Go look, you’ll thank me for it!

Tutorial for Kraft Paper Flowers – Terrific DIY

You are going to love this – I found a wonderful, clear, easy-to-follow tutorial for making your own paper flowers. Take a look at these gorgeous decorative petals!

As shown in her tutorial, these are made with brown paper bags! And I really like the natural-paper look. But also – think how you could personalize these! Color paper, magazine pages, you name it. Your imagination’s really the limit here – and it’s practically cost free.

Or, use a pretty white textured paper – talk about DIY (and beautiful) wedding decorations!

The wonderful blog where I found this excellent tutorial is A Place For Us and she has some wonderful, charming, thought-provoking, useful posts there – it’s totally worth your time.

Do I sound like I’m really enthusiastic about this one? You’re right. This is a great find. Make some flowers – and check out that blog!

Personalized Gift DIY Idea

I saw this idea over on Pinterest and fell in love. Take any plain dish – and turn it into a personal gift or work of art πŸ™‚

do it yourself - permanent marker on a plate

Actually I think the one in the pic has poetry written on it – or it might be Edgar Allen Poe (The Raven?). But no matter. Β Buy a simple plate at the thrift shop. Write your favorite muffin recipe around the edge using a Sharpie.

Then bake the plate for 30 minutes at 150 degrees in your oven (or more – I’ll doublecheck on that). Presto! The writing is permanent.

Then bake the muffins, load the plate up, and take them to your sweetie or favorite neighbor as a gift. Β You get to show off, you get to play with a new art form, and your sweetie gets his (or your) favorite Β muffins. Β This is a win!

P.S. And of course, what a darling way to make a personalized gift for someone special. An anniversary gift for your fave couple – with their names and wedding date. A birthday gift for your mom with a quote she loves. You get the idea!

P.P.S. Oops! I almost forgot to give credit! I couldn’t find the original source – but it was first pinned by the beautiful Marissa Villasana on her ‘Crafty’ page – and she has some wonderful ideas over there to check out!

Handmade Paper Ornaments – Wedding Decorations – or Star Urchins – Folk Art

If you love paper as much as I do – you will appreciate these absolutely exquisite handmade ornaments. Ornaments – or wedding decorations – or, as the artist names them, “star urchins” πŸ™‚

handmade paper ornament or wedding decoration from Kissadesign on Etsy

handmade paper ornament or wedding decoration from Kissadesign on Etsy - full view

Handmade Paper Ornament or Wedding Decoratin from Kissadesign on Etsy

Aren’t those gorgeous? Yes they’d be lovely to decorate your handmade wedding. They’d also be equally wonderful – just because they’re so cool – decorating your desk! And if you like the white – but you’re even fonder of color, well she’s got them, all individually handmade, in lots of pretty colors. And in this fantastic rainbow color combo:

handmade paper ornament or wedding decoration from Kissadesign on Etsy

The shop is Kissadesign on Etsy – handmade folk art at its best.

I don’t know how she learned to do these so beautifully and affordably – but she has, and I’m just happy to have found them. Talk about a wonderful, eco-friendly, unique decoration or gift!

Paper and Lace – Handmade Cards

You know how I love paper. I’m always looking for interesting new works in paper – artwork, recycled decorating ideas, fashion even – why, I almost forgot one of the original purposes of paper – to write on!

Then I found these gorgeous handmade blank cards and you know, it reminds me how nice it is to get a handwritten note – and to send one.

handmade paper lace edge blank cards from AlmondCrafts on Etsy

handmade paper lace edge blank cards from AlmondCrafts on Etsy

Handmade Paper Lace Edge Cards from AlmondCrafts on Etsy

The shop is AlmondCrafts on Etsy, and the artist has some beautiful (and may I say, extremely affordable) work.

It makes me want to send, well, a love letter. These cards would be perfect!

P.S. Or hand-written wedding invitations. So much nicer than printed ones!

Vintage Glass Jewels at my Etsy shop :-)

I just thought I’d give an update, a peek at some of the goodies I have in my Etsy Shop. I love these little sparklies – and I hope you will too πŸ™‚

And – just a little hint and self-promotion combined – you know Prom Season and Mother’s Day is coming.

Do it yourself and save money!

PS If you’re getting married? You can easily make your own bridal earrings, just as an example. They’ll be sparkly, they’ll be beautiful, and you can save your money for your wedding or your party or your honeymoon!

Recycled DIY Design and Storage

This is such a simple idea I’m crushed I didn’t think of it – but it’s so cool I have to share πŸ™‚

I discovered this idea over at Domestically Speaking Blog – there’s bunches of useful info and fun ideas over there and you really ought to check it out.

And this idea is lovely – fun – easy!

Painted Bottles - Pic 1
Painted Bottles – Do It Yourself πŸ™‚

More Ideas for Painted Bottles

She shares how she made them and it’s worth reading the tips she offers – but basically? You take clean empty bottles, drop in several drops of acrylic paint, put the lid back on the bottle, and shake! Much prettier than painting the outside of the bottle because you get not only the color – you get the shine and gloss of the glass.

Check out her blog – and then add a terrific punch of color to your house with recycled bottles. πŸ™‚

PS Once again, this could be great for brides. Use silver or white paint on the inside of the bottles, and add real or silk flowers, as centerpieces for your reception tables. Or make a big grouping of the bottles, in your wedding colors of course, to add drama to any table. You’ll think of more ideas than I have – and you’ll be adding a personal (thrifty) touch to your wedding!

Free Earrings Giveaway and there’s a catch :-)

It’s not really a catch though – it’s a question. I’m having my first Free Earrings Giveaway at Paper Jewels. All you have to do to enter the Giveaway is send me an email telling me what pair of earrings you’d like to win AND (this is the “catch”) tell me one thing you’d change πŸ™‚

You want those earrings – but in another color? Or, you’d make them in silver, not gold? Or you wish they were smaller (or bigger)? Or – well, you tell me. πŸ™‚

You could win these pretty paper earrings:

Japanese Kanji Onna, or Woman, Lacquered Paper Earrings or these: Lacquered Paper Pansy Earrings with Amethyst and Swarovski Crystals

Or, well, you pick your pair! Just tell me the one thing you’d change πŸ™‚ Hint: these CAN be made to match your bridal gown / wedding party. Or you can choose your honey’s favorite color – and use these for the perfect First Anniversary Gift or Mother’s Day earrings πŸ™‚

The Giveaway runs until April 15, 2010 – so we have something nice to look forward to on Tax Day.

Good luck!

Vintage Plus Size Wedding Gowns – Thrifty and Gorgeous

Of course I always think vintage is a great idea – it’s usually thrifty (or downright cheap) – which always helps. And so often, you’ll find clothes made better than new ones. And there are so many beautiful finds!

As, for example, these wonderful wedding gowns I found today at Pink Ribbon Bridal on Etsy:

Plus Size Bridal Gown Pic 2
Vintage Alfred Angelo White Lace Wedding Dress Bridal Gown Plus size 20W BNWT

Plus Size Bridal Gown Pic 1
Vintage Moonlight Plus Size 28 Wedding Dress
I know it’s sometimes hard to find terrific plus size garments when you’re searching vintage – for that matter, it’s always a crapshoot to find any particular size. That’s part of the hunt! So when there are wonderful choices like these, I think they need to be found πŸ™‚ Don’t forget your unique engagement rings because it’s a very special day.

Now I will say, I’m not sure if these fit the definition of “true vintage” because they’re from the 1990s I think. But if I was looking for a wedding gown in those particular sizes, would that bother me? Oh no. I’d be thrilled to find them!

These gowns were purchased from a breast cancer charity – read more about it on her Etsy page so this is just a win-win all the way around.

Of course the most important thing is that you are finding the PERFECT wedding gown for your most special day. At a great price. Talk about a win-win!

Falling in Love with Color – Do It Yourself Jewelry :-)

There’ve been tons of studies on how color affects us, and I’m no expert on any of them. What I do know is that color makes us happy, gives us a smile, and is a great way to add a little boost to our spirits (especially right now when it’s still so cold!)

So I’m specially happy to be able to offer some lovely vintage jewels in yummy colors in my Artfire jewelry supplies shop and also in my Etsy shop. Like these pretty jewels:

Vintage Lilac Amethyst Oval Jewels
Golden Topaz Vintage Glass Octagon Jewels in Patina Brass Settings

They feel like Spring to me – and that’s of the good πŸ™‚