Boycotting Smithfield Foods And Smithfield Farms and WHY

It’s all over the web right now – the Humane Society worked undercover at a farm owned by Smithfield Foods, probably the main pork producer in this country. The Yahoo News article can be found here:

Undercover investigation of Smithfield Foods reveals factory farm horrors. If you enjoy eating pork occasionally, you might not want to read any further. But you probably should —

And yes, you probably should. I did. I’m writing to Smithfield Foods to let them know why I’m boycotting all of their products. And am researching right now to find local farmers who sell retail groceries (at farmers markets and such) as well as to stores. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while – now I’ve gotten a kick in the butt.

I’m not a vegan – leaning more that way as time goes by, but not yet. I just don’t want to support companies that torture animals, every day, all year long, because it makes them a little more money.

I’ll pay more. I’ll sleep better. Support local farmers!