DIY Storage and gift wrap – reuse and recycle!

You’re going to recognize this the moment you see the pic: yes, I have found yet another use for Pringles Cans. They’ve got to be one of the most loved packages to recycle. I’m sure that’s why people buy Pringles. Yeah.

But cool DIY storage? Totally. Or, as demonstrated in this pic, gift packaging!

recycle and reuse Pringles can for gift wrap cookie package

In this example, the can is a terrific container for a gift of cookies! Take them to your overnight sleepover (even if your mom made the cookies), or take them TO your mom! or anytime you want to do a little something special for someone. Cookies are fun and you get to sample the product as you create them 🙂

I had this pic saved to my hard drive and didn’t save the link – so please, original poster, if this is your idea send me a note – I totally want to give you credit!

Because cookies + recycling + plus a cute container you can reuse (again) – this is all of the good!

P.S. By the way – if you’re a jewelry maker who does craft shows – Pringles cans also make terrific bracelet displays. Just sayin’ 🙂

Lacquered Paper Penguin Pin – fun customer favorite

Oh dear. That title makes it sound like it’s a favorite of “Fun Customers” when what I meant is, it’s a fun pin that’s a customer favorite. That makes sense, right?

Penguin Pin closeup

I’ve made this little guy (or girl, hmm, I think you have to be a vet – or a penguin – to tell for sure) in several sizes. Mostly the same colors of course, because I’m trying to be sort-of-realistic…. but you know, it tells me that a lot of people love penguins. I know I do – so it kind of makes my day when someone requests one – it’s always a joy to make one of my Penguins 🙂

DIY Paper Flowers – easy, pretty, and recycled!

Recycle – reuse – rethink. That’s what we want to remember. And when I saw these adorable paper flowers, that combined all those ideas – and they’re easy, and fun, and cute? I figure this is an Academy Award worthy great idea!

recycled paper flowers DIY how to from Billie Monster blog

I found these wonderfulicious flowers on the Billie Monster blog which is full of wonderful how-to ideas (including jewelry, you’ll love it!) For the flowers, Billie even included a template and how-to instructions – though I have to say, with her wonderful pics you really don’t need the instructions – you can adapt the idea to any recycled paper.

These flowers? Just think how you could customize these for your house. Make a bouquet scattered on the focal wall above your couch, or in a nook above the baby’s crib. Or, well, anywhere you want a pretty accent that can be in exactly the colors and dimension you want.

And: if you’re having a DIY wedding (and yay for you!) – a wall or nook of these flowers, all in whites or your wedding colors, would be lovely. Maybe each of your guests could sign one! Then save them, pressed in a memory book.

This is the best of DIY, and pretty cool recycling too. Think about it: Recycle the paper. Reuse the pages. Rethink how they’re used. And create a really cool decoration for your house – or your wedding – at the same time.


Merry Christmas!

From our house to yours – have a happy Christmas! And yes, at our house that includes the pups 🙂

Merry Christmas from oiur house to your house

May your holiday be silly, and fun, and peaceful, and warm, and did I mention safe? happy? and full of love? That’s the important part of Christmas. Presents are nice – but fun and warm and love is major 🙂

Have a wonderful holiday and a super new year!

DIY Recycled Candy Wrapper Decoupage

The title really says it all. I found this pic at of all places – yeah, I don’t really suppose Martha S. has candy wrapper decoupage in her office. But I don’t care – it’s a good idea!

recycled paper decoupage using candy wrappers

There weren’t any directions there (that I oould find) but really the picture is self-explanatory. Find soke cool paper, paste or glue it onto your light switch plate or other location of choice. Trim edges to fit. Then I’d protect the paper with a coating or two of polyurethane. Easy peasy.

You could use any paper – of course recycled is best. And I sort of love the idea of using candy wrappers. One, they are pleasant to gather up, since you are probably buying the candy in order to get the paper. Yeah. Plus they’re really cool graphics.

Plus they’re fun 🙂

DIY Gift Tags with Paint Chip Samples

Now this is brilliant! This is one of those ideas that as soon as you see it, you go, “Yes!” and also, “Well I can do that”.

do it yourself gift tags with paint chip samples

Yes, you absolutely can do it yourself. I found the idea at Terra Savvy blog and the designer, Jill, offers tips, tutorials, and lots of ideas for some adorable gift tags. You can personalize them as much as you like – run with the idea!

I know, this is one more last-minute-Christmas-wrap idea. But you could also use it for Valentine’s Day (red paint cards), anniversary gifts (use their colors), Halloween gifts – well, maybe not. But I’m sure you get the idea 🙂

Besides, her blog is full of cool stuff – you’ll have fun reading and peeking. And she has a rabbit named Hemingway – I mean, love!

DIY Paper Snowflakes, Part Two

I found this pic I’d saved earlier – I think it’s a perfect example of a paper snowflake as ornament or decoration:

red paper snowflake - do it yourself Christmas packagedecoration or ornament

See how it makes a Christmas package special? You could use any paper really. Brown kraft paper as shown, or black and white newsprint, or old magazine pages, or recycled Christmas wrapping paper from last year!

If you don’t need it for a package decoration, make a big one and put it on the wall as a Christmas decoration. Don’t have money for a lot of expensive Christmas tree ornaments? Tie a string on twenty of these and presto, your tree has pretty ornaments! Make them with your kids, or with friends – play some Christmas music, make some instant cocoa, and have a craft night.

No you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your package special. Or your holiday decorating 🙂

P.S. I didn’t save the link, when I found that helpful picture above – if anybody knows where it’s from, would you let me know? I’d like to give proper credit where it’s due!

P.P.S. Happy Christmas!

DIY Christmas Decorations – Snowflakes!

I know, these really are classics, and most of us made them as kids. I just thought, as a last minute Christmas decoration – and one that costs next to nothing – snowflakes are such a wonderful idea. And then I found a page that actually explained how to turn snowflakes into ornaments or decorations for Christmas. So just in case you need a little nudge? Here you go 🙂

DIY How to make paper snowflake christmas decorations

Think about it – you’re broke, you need a few more decorations. You could use colored paper and use them for ornaments on your tree. You could stick them on your window for “winter” decorations even if you’re in Miami. You could use them as the “bow” when you’re wrapping your packages.

Paper. Christmas decorations. Do it yourself. Pretty. (And almost free). Win-win!