DIY Christmas Decorations – Snowflakes!

I know, these really are classics, and most of us made them as kids. I just thought, as a last minute Christmas decoration – and one that costs next to nothing – snowflakes are such a wonderful idea. And then I found a page that actually explained how to turn snowflakes into ornaments or decorations for Christmas. So just in case you need a little nudge? Here you go 🙂

DIY How to make paper snowflake christmas decorations

Think about it – you’re broke, you need a few more decorations. You could use colored paper and use them for ornaments on your tree. You could stick them on your window for “winter” decorations even if you’re in Miami. You could use them as the “bow” when you’re wrapping your packages.

Paper. Christmas decorations. Do it yourself. Pretty. (And almost free). Win-win!

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