Baby Kitten = Synonym for Adorable

Of course. We all know that. So recently we got reminded. A tiny baby kitten – we’re guessing six weeks old – got into our window well (inside the cover!) a couple weeks ago. Latish at night, we heard this little crying voice, went to investigate, found Kitten. Of course we took him inside, fed him what we could, got kitten food and cat milk the next day – not sure if he’d be able to handle real food, even soft.

We needn’t have worried about that part, at least. Here he is a couple days after he showed up here:
Kitten a few days after we found him

And here he is after a week:
Kitten, a week later

And a few days after that (with one of our resident cats):
Kitten Rufus, or Tiberius, with Fluffy

And we started asking around if anybody was missing a kitten – he was obviously used to people. No luck. But we think we’ve found a home for him. We’re really trying not to increase our animal population, with two cats now (used to be five), and our Sun Conure and Quaker Parrot….. but he is such a sweetie!

So, a good home – we think. Or… this home. It’s so tempting!

PS. A tip: if you’re looking for a kitten, do NOT pick one that’s the same color as your wood floors. They want to go everywhere, they have two modes: sleep, or scamper everywhere, and sometimes it’s so hard to find him!

A Tea House – made entirely of recycled paper

I saw the most amazing creation over at This building is a teahouse, very much in the tradition of a handcrafted Japanese structure – but this one is made entirely of recycled paper.

Recycled paper tea house
Recycled paper tea house, view 2

Now this time I’m not suggesting we should go build our house out of recycled paper – at least, not without an engineer’s knowledge of materials and how to adapt them to building techniques. But I do suggest that we could all be inspired by this structure.

One, we can learn – or remember, because we already know it – the all-important concepts of reuse, rethink, recycle… and “rethink” is a real important part of that trio. Take a look at some of the stuff you’re about to discard. Some of it can have a new life. Some of it can have a very COOL new life. 🙂

And if a building out of recycled paper isn’t in your immediate future – what about an ottoman or footstool, built with “bricks” you made yourself of paper? Or… well, you’ll think of things. Unleash your Mad Creative Scientist and make something for yourself!

CD Jewel Cases as Art – Recycled – Paper too :-)

Now this combines several of my passions – paper (natch), recycling and even more important RE-USING… also art, making your home comfortable and attractive, DIY-ness…. lots of good stuff.

This article from shows an example of re-using old CD jewel cases as “frames” for your art:

CD Cases Reused as Wall Art.

Used in multiples, they make a great graphic statement. And you can use a common theme – pics of your friends? landscapes? alien bugs? you name it – or all images in blue, for example. Truly it can be tailored to exactly what you like, or what you want to say.

And of course the graphics you use can be recycled, too. Gorgeous flower pics taken from old magazines? old pattern images?

How about cutouts from your kids’ drawings? Talk about a special, personal, and way fun decoration for your kitchen or alcove? I love that idea 🙂

Paper Flowers – for your house, or your Wedding :-)

I found a wonderful artist on Etsy who does lovely paper work – check these out!

Paper Flowers - DIY or ready made for your wedding :-)

You can buy these in kit form and assemble them yourself, or have a custom bouquet made for your wedding. They’ll never wilt, they’ll always be beautiful, and they are artisan made. I haven’t talked to the artist, but I bet you could work it out where she was using recycled papers, too.

Gorgeous *and* eco friendly!

DIY Armoire from Bookcases

It’s amazing the things you can find on the web when you start looking around. I found a beautiful armoire, see the pics, which was made from two bookcases – and it’s entirely do-able!

DIY Bookcase Armoire

She found two matching bookcases on Freecycle! so these are even being recycled and reused – and they were free! The bookcases are hinged together with piano hinges, clear plexi is added to some of the shelves to keep things in place, and the drop-down desk is hinged too.

And look how much organization and storage she’s got inside!

DIY Armoire from bookshelves - lots of organization and storage

So useful but equally as important, stylish and decorative. You could use any sort of paper to decorate the outside – make it shoji style, add a mirror, you name it.

Talk about inspiration! You can check out more directions on Ayoska’s Blog. Lots of green ideas there too 🙂

Recycled Bottles into Art

Okay, it’s not recycled paper – you know I like to recycle my fave medium – but it’s definitely recycled, and it is definitely art. Take a look, this is gorgeous!
Water Botttles turned into Art

This gorgeous display – wall art – cascade – was created by Michelle Brand via Green Design Girl.

I’m not suggesting you should copy her – but be inspired by her? Definitely. Can’t you see this in front of a window? or adapted to become, oh, the ‘door’ of a cabinet? (come on, work with me here). There will be ways we can take this inspiration and use it. If nothing else, hang it in front of a window.

(Don’t buy all those bottles though. Enlist everybody to save them for you.)