CD Jewel Cases as Art – Recycled – Paper too :-)

Now this combines several of my passions – paper (natch), recycling and even more important RE-USING… also art, making your home comfortable and attractive, DIY-ness…. lots of good stuff.

This article from shows an example of re-using old CD jewel cases as “frames” for your art:

CD Cases Reused as Wall Art.

Used in multiples, they make a great graphic statement. And you can use a common theme – pics of your friends? landscapes? alien bugs? you name it – or all images in blue, for example. Truly it can be tailored to exactly what you like, or what you want to say.

And of course the graphics you use can be recycled, too. Gorgeous flower pics taken from old magazines? old pattern images?

How about cutouts from your kids’ drawings? Talk about a special, personal, and way fun decoration for your kitchen or alcove? I love that idea 🙂

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