DIY storage – the next part

Whichever one that is. The next one. And this is basically an inspiration pic.

silver painted baskets - do it yourself storage

For one thing, these are pretty. But more importantly – well, sort of importantly – you can adapt this idea in a zillion ways, most of which have already occurred to you because you are a smart cookie 🙂

Go to your fave thrift store. Buy the cheapest baskets that can be stacked, or have handles, or fit whatever nook you’re going to put them in. Stop at the hardware store on the way home and buy some spray paint – or raid your craft closet. Spray the baskets (outside if you can, because fumes).

Voila: storage that can hide clutter – and organize stuff. That can be tailored to any spot in your house, to hold whatever you need to stash.

And hey, you can adapt this idea – of course – to cardboard boxes. See, now we’re even talking about recycling and adapting paper because, you know, Paper Jewels 😉

DIY Drawer Organizer

I am determined to bring some order around here. I am. One way or another. Anyway, while I was thinking about it (instead of doing it) I started looking for ideas for drawer organizers. I’ve seen some great ones at the Container Store, etc., but I hate to spend money when I can do it myself. I just needed to focus.

And then I found a fabulous tutorial:

DIY Drawer Organizer
DIY Drawer Organizer

Aren’t they great? The wonderful tutorial is from The Stonybrookhouse Blog and she has terrific step-by-step instructions.

And a ton of other useful posts, too. Um… you might want to check out the pumpkin brownies. Just sayin 🙂

Pinterest TIP – Decorate a Cord

Love love love this one! It’s so simple – and brilliant! I found this on Pinterest – and had to pin it myself (definitely not pretending it was my original idea!)

Decorate a Cord - DIY for the Home

Is that not a terrific idea? If you have to have a visible cord – for, say, your printer – why not make it fun? Use the leaves-and-bird idea as shown. Or maybe flowers. Use twist ties to attach paper or felt or fabric flowers. Or just draw them on the wall. Or a combo of.

This is a classic “why didn’t I think of that!” idea. And fun. And fabulous!

Home Decorating – with Craigslist

I just wanted to point out something you probably know already – the great finds you can score at Craigslist. If you’re in the U.S. – and a lot of cities worldwide – there’s a local craigslist, or close to “local”. And if you’re shopping for goodies for your house – you really ought to check it out before you go and pay Retail!

For instance – here are a few goodies I found today in my local CL. If I were Seriously Shopping, and not just looking around, I would call the owner to check any of these out!

Table and Chairs on CraigslistTable and Chairs on Craigslist
They’re asking $75 for the table and five chairs. $75! And that bench has lovely bones, I think. They’re asking a whopping $20.

Patio Set on Craigslist Patio Set on Craigslist

The patio set? The owners mentioned the chairs need new cushions (or covers) and maybe a coat of paint too. But hey, they’re asking $50 for all the pieces shown. And the sofa? It might not look as good in person, or it could be all smoky-smelling, or torn up and down the back. But it might be as good as it looks. And doesn’t it look good? They’re asking $150. Might take less 🙂

Yes you have to inspect your purchase carefully, and not be afraid to say “Sorry, don’t want it.” But sometimes you really will want it – and you might get a great deal!

PS You are also Going Green – you’re reusing and recycling, and maybe rethinking too 🙂

Decorating with White – Do it Yourself – Part…um…next

I told you I was going to re-visit the Decorating with White idea. Probably many times. It just happens that I ran across an example on Apartment Therapy (yes, I do love that site!) that gives a better example than any words can do.

Here we have your basic wood kitchen cabinets – before:

Kitchen Cabinets - Before

and after:

Kitchen Cabinets - After

Yes, it’s a wonderful kitchen anyway, much nicer than mine. But still. Look at the difference!

Like I said (or thought) – a picture’s worth a thousand words. And paint is cheap. They didn’t even change the hardware! (They did take down the wallpaper though – and may I say, Yay!)

Think about using white!

Decorating with White

I’ve said this before – more and more I’m leaning toward decorating with white. I love the simplicity of it, the clean look – okay, part of that is “uncluttered”, too – but when your base is (mostly) white it’s like you’re making a canvas for the people in your house – the life that goes on – rather than “uber decorating”.

White looks GOOD. And, of course, I’m always interested in vintage – in reusing and rethinking and taking things that might have been discarded and making them a loved part of your life.

Case in point – take a look at these terrific vintage items I found on Etsy today:

White Vintage Lamps from Kowgirlkitsch on Etsy
White Vintage Lamps from Kowgirlkitsch on Etsy

Set of Six White Vintage Cups from Kowgirlkitsch on Etsy
Set of Six Vintage White Cups from Kowgirlkitsch on Etsy

These would look great in your house. They’re functional, they’re a little funky, and they’re vintage (and affordable, which is not always the case!)

I found them at Kowgirl Kitsch on Etsy, and she’s got LOTS of great looking, fun items at good prices. You should go look 🙂

I know I’m going to revisit this idea – decorating with white. It’s looking so good to me lately. Stay tuned for Part Two (or Six, or whatever!)

Indoor Gardening – Beautiful and Good for You!

I’m trying to learn more about indoor gardening. Partly because plants add a terrific graphic beauty to your home – and partly because it’s healthy. We really do live in a symbiotic ecosystem, you know. Plants remove toxins from the air, and that’s got to be good!

And esthetically, they add a natural beauty that we can probably all use a little more of. Case in point:

Snake Plant - an easy to grow indoor house plant
Snake Plant

Golden Pothos - easy to grow house plant
Golden Pothos

I found these in a terrific article, “10 Super Easy to Grow Indoor House Plants” over at Garden Mandy. She’s got lots of great tips there for indoor gardening – and a lot of eco friendly tips and news. Go over there and check, it’s totally worth your time.

Did you know that the golden pothos – while bad for your pets, don’t let them eat it – removes formaldahyde from the air? Can we say “poison in new carpeting”?

Get some plants!

PS I’ve actually been able to grow pothos (my “fail safe” plant) and snake plant. And I totally don’t have a green thumb. If I can do it, believe me, you can too!

Oatmeal Container – into useful DIY Storage

This isn’t a new idea but I just found a great example of the classic “reuse cardboard containers” Do It Yourself idea:

Recycled Oatmeal Container - Great Storage - almost free
Recycled cardboard container (this was oatmeal) into good-looking storage

Like I said, it’s a classic idea. Cover the cardboard with contact paper, fabric, recycled magazine pages (yeah, more recycled stuff!) to match your decor. Make a grouping of three or four of them, maybe – really your imagination’s the limit, and more storage is always good 🙂

Once again I’ve found great tips – this time it’s 50 Healthy Foods for Under $1 a Pound at The Daily Green – over on Yahoo. (Scroll down the page to find 12 Things To Do With Oatmeal.

There are tons of great tips, and cost-saving ideas over there – all green oriented. Really, check it out!

Paper Roses + Vintage Skirt = Winner

I’m always looking for paper inspiration and goodies, right? And in my recent quest I found this yummy vintage skirt. The vendor is calling the print, “Paper Roses”, which is how I found it. Serendipity! It’s so fun to find surprises that are as cute as this one – and as affordable 🙂

Paper Roses Vintage Skirt
“Paper Roses” Vintage Skirt from kellyemeraldhart at Etsy

Of course once I found her shop I had to look around. She’s got really good prices, vintage skirts and dresses I’m definitely going to check out, and some goodies that I thought were both attractive and really interesting. Take a look at this artwork:

Paper Art - Polaroid into Prints from kellyemeraldhart at Etsy

Polaroid into Prints – from kellyemeraldhart at Etsy

She’s taken her own polaroids – and turned them into larger prints. You can buy a pack (as in this listing) or get each one separately for only $2.00! I love the water-color-ish look of them – and the uniqueness – and of course the price!

Original artwork – and vintage pretties – this is a great shop you definitely want to visit 🙂

P.S. AND she’s having a sale!

Recycled DIY Design and Storage

This is such a simple idea I’m crushed I didn’t think of it – but it’s so cool I have to share 🙂

I discovered this idea over at Domestically Speaking Blog – there’s bunches of useful info and fun ideas over there and you really ought to check it out.

And this idea is lovely – fun – easy!

Painted Bottles - Pic 1
Painted Bottles – Do It Yourself 🙂

More Ideas for Painted Bottles

She shares how she made them and it’s worth reading the tips she offers – but basically? You take clean empty bottles, drop in several drops of acrylic paint, put the lid back on the bottle, and shake! Much prettier than painting the outside of the bottle because you get not only the color – you get the shine and gloss of the glass.

Check out her blog – and then add a terrific punch of color to your house with recycled bottles. 🙂

PS Once again, this could be great for brides. Use silver or white paint on the inside of the bottles, and add real or silk flowers, as centerpieces for your reception tables. Or make a big grouping of the bottles, in your wedding colors of course, to add drama to any table. You’ll think of more ideas than I have – and you’ll be adding a personal (thrifty) touch to your wedding!