Indoor Gardening – Beautiful and Good for You!

I’m trying to learn more about indoor gardening. Partly because plants add a terrific graphic beauty to your home – and partly because it’s healthy. We really do live in a symbiotic ecosystem, you know. Plants remove toxins from the air, and that’s got to be good!

And esthetically, they add a natural beauty that we can probably all use a little more of. Case in point:

Snake Plant - an easy to grow indoor house plant
Snake Plant

Golden Pothos - easy to grow house plant
Golden Pothos

I found these in a terrific article, “10 Super Easy to Grow Indoor House Plants” over at Garden Mandy. She’s got lots of great tips there for indoor gardening – and a lot of eco friendly tips and news. Go over there and check, it’s totally worth your time.

Did you know that the golden pothos – while bad for your pets, don’t let them eat it – removes formaldahyde from the air? Can we say “poison in new carpeting”?

Get some plants!

PS I’ve actually been able to grow pothos (my “fail safe” plant) and snake plant. And I totally don’t have a green thumb. If I can do it, believe me, you can too!