About Paper Jewels – the site, and the blog

This blog – maybe I’ll think of a Really Cool name for it sometime – is about my work, but also my life, stuff that catches my attention, stuff that’s just plain fun. So I’ll talk about my Paper Jewels (lacquered jewelry made with paper – hint, it makes GREAT first year anniversary presents!) – and Weekendjewelry1 on Etsy, my vintage jewelry supplies shop over on Etsy… but also gardening, because I’m not great at it but I love coaxing things to grow. And fashion – when it doesn’t take itself too seriously. And being frugal and thrifty, because hey, that’s the world I live in. And recipes, because we all have to eat and might as well enjoy it 🙂

And sewing (sometimes) and reading (when I make the time) and pets always…right now, two wonderful border collie / minuature collie mix puppies (okay, they’re grown up but they still think they’re puppies). You know. The stuff that goes through all our lives. Hopefully more fun stuff than Serious Stuff.

Jen, floating on The River

Welcome aboard, and hey, thanks for visiting!