Recycled DIY Design and Storage

This is such a simple idea I’m crushed I didn’t think of it – but it’s so cool I have to share 🙂

I discovered this idea over at Domestically Speaking Blog – there’s bunches of useful info and fun ideas over there and you really ought to check it out.

And this idea is lovely – fun – easy!

Painted Bottles - Pic 1
Painted Bottles – Do It Yourself 🙂

More Ideas for Painted Bottles

She shares how she made them and it’s worth reading the tips she offers – but basically? You take clean empty bottles, drop in several drops of acrylic paint, put the lid back on the bottle, and shake! Much prettier than painting the outside of the bottle because you get not only the color – you get the shine and gloss of the glass.

Check out her blog – and then add a terrific punch of color to your house with recycled bottles. 🙂

PS Once again, this could be great for brides. Use silver or white paint on the inside of the bottles, and add real or silk flowers, as centerpieces for your reception tables. Or make a big grouping of the bottles, in your wedding colors of course, to add drama to any table. You’ll think of more ideas than I have – and you’ll be adding a personal (thrifty) touch to your wedding!

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