Baby Kitten = Synonym for Adorable

Of course. We all know that. So recently we got reminded. A tiny baby kitten – we’re guessing six weeks old – got into our window well (inside the cover!) a couple weeks ago. Latish at night, we heard this little crying voice, went to investigate, found Kitten. Of course we took him inside, fed him what we could, got kitten food and cat milk the next day – not sure if he’d be able to handle real food, even soft.

We needn’t have worried about that part, at least. Here he is a couple days after he showed up here:
Kitten a few days after we found him

And here he is after a week:
Kitten, a week later

And a few days after that (with one of our resident cats):
Kitten Rufus, or Tiberius, with Fluffy

And we started asking around if anybody was missing a kitten – he was obviously used to people. No luck. But we think we’ve found a home for him. We’re really trying not to increase our animal population, with two cats now (used to be five), and our Sun Conure and Quaker Parrot….. but he is such a sweetie!

So, a good home – we think. Or… this home. It’s so tempting!

PS. A tip: if you’re looking for a kitten, do NOT pick one that’s the same color as your wood floors. They want to go everywhere, they have two modes: sleep, or scamper everywhere, and sometimes it’s so hard to find him!

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