DIY Gift Tags with Paint Chip Samples

Now this is brilliant! This is one of those ideas that as soon as you see it, you go, “Yes!” and also, “Well I can do that”.

do it yourself gift tags with paint chip samples

Yes, you absolutely can do it yourself. I found the idea at Terra Savvy blog and the designer, Jill, offers tips, tutorials, and lots of ideas for some adorable gift tags. You can personalize them as much as you like – run with the idea!

I know, this is one more last-minute-Christmas-wrap idea. But you could also use it for Valentine’s Day (red paint cards), anniversary gifts (use their colors), Halloween gifts – well, maybe not. But I’m sure you get the idea 🙂

Besides, her blog is full of cool stuff – you’ll have fun reading and peeking. And she has a rabbit named Hemingway – I mean, love!

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