DIY Recycled Candy Wrapper Decoupage

The title really says it all. I found this pic at of all places – yeah, I don’t really suppose Martha S. has candy wrapper decoupage in her office. But I don’t care – it’s a good idea!

recycled paper decoupage using candy wrappers

There weren’t any directions there (that I oould find) but really the picture is self-explanatory. Find soke cool paper, paste or glue it onto your light switch plate or other location of choice. Trim edges to fit. Then I’d protect the paper with a coating or two of polyurethane. Easy peasy.

You could use any paper – of course recycled is best. And I sort of love the idea of using candy wrappers. One, they are pleasant to gather up, since you are probably buying the candy in order to get the paper. Yeah. Plus they’re really cool graphics.

Plus they’re fun 🙂

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