White Flowers – or Pom Poms – Totally DIY

And gorgeous. Take a look at these – “pom pom flowers”, they’re called. I think they’re ethereal and beautiful!

DIY White Pom Pom Flowers

And they’re made with wax paper! This is what DIY is all about, or should be. Taking something ordinary – wax paper! – and with minimal skill (but a lot of imagination, thank you Marichelle from Nice Package Blog!) – something completely different is created.

You can find the tutorial here, at the Nice Package Blog. It’s not hard at all and her pics are wonderfully clear.

And come on – aren’t these flowers wonderful?

P.S. And why couldn’t these be a wonderful decoration for your wedding? They LOOK like wedding flowers!
P.P.S. When you visit Nice Package Blog you’re going to find more wonderful ideas. Go look, you’ll thank me for it!

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