DIY – make your own envelope!

I think this one is super fun. Do it yourself – make your own envelope!

Do it yourself - make an envelope

How fun is that! Now I know it’s red and white paper in the pic, and in the shape of a heart to start out withi – and it’s possible I meant to post this before Valentine’s Day. But it is NOT a Valentine’s Day envelope. Just imagine the paper has flowers on it. Or koala bears. The point is, you can take any sturdy(ish)paper, cut it as shown, fold it as shown, and voila! A wonderful handmade envelope.

I found this over on Pinterest and I have to say, it’s simple – and brilliant. Oh – if I was using this to mail a letter (a letter! wow!) I would write the address on a white stick-on label, so it’s readable. But hey, it would still be handmade and personal.

It’s cute. It’s useful. You can use recycled paper. See what a good idea this is?

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