DIY paper garland or chain

Recently I found a super example of a garland or paper chain you can make:

do it yourself paper chain or garland

I found it at Decoist – there were no instructions that I could find, but we don’t need them. Cut strips of a similar size (from recycled paper, of course) – glue one in an “O” shape to make your first link. Slip the next strip through the loop to make the next link in the chain. Repeat, a lot 🙂

The beautiful thing about this idea is that you can use any colors you like. Make Christmas garlands. Use all white to make wedding garlands. Use the colors in your daughter’s room to make changeable, no-cost or low-cost curtains!

This is really DIY at its finest. Totally customizeable, practically free, and you can use recycled paper. And it’s a great craft to make with your kids. If they’re little you want to supervise, because scissors and glue. But hey, sharing, and fun. Win!

PS Plus – so cute! win-win!

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