Another White Room – More DIY – and it’s Great!

I know, I keep talking about white rooms – I’m not a purist, truly! I just like the clean feel – and a white room is such a great canvas for whatever personality you add to it.

I just saw this room

White Room with Concrete Floor

at Apartment Therapy.

I love the room! It’s not “grand” – it looks luxurious but partly that’s because it’s not cluttered, and because it has white sofas – but if you look more closely at them, they look to me like they might be do-it-yourself projects – those could be mattresses. And loose slipcovers like that? Entirely washable.

I think I’d replace the little occasional tables, or put a glass top on them – I’m too much of a klutz, I’d drop little things through the wire (if that’s what it is). But that maybe just me.

Look at the ceiling – that too could be a DIY project. Add some scuzzy 2x4s you got on sale or from a reject pile – then paint the whole ceiling white. Instant atmosphere. And it doesn’t hurt that the view through the windows is of the Aegean Sea (I think this apartment is in Greece?)

The actual article was about (drum roll here) concrete floors. Yes, this one too – including the “rug”.

There’s a companion article with tips on how to paint a concrete floor.

All this is do-it-yourself on a big scale maybe; but it’s also useful and affordable and hey, don’t you love that room!

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