New work – Kanji (Katakana) Honor Dogtag Necklace

And yes, if you’ve been here before, you’ll have noticed that I have a different version of the Meiyo, or Honor, dogtag pendant. But this new one has a few advantages. Well, okay, one major advantage. It takes less time to make, so it costs less.

I thought that would sound pretty good 🙂

stainless steel and lacquered paper dogtag necklace that says Meiyo or Honor in Japanese katakana

I’m doing a whole new line in this style. The pendant has a military style, stainless steel dogtag base, and I’ve added the custom designed, lacquered paper graphic with the Japanese katakana. The whole thing is protected with multiple layers of gloss – but even with those layers, and the time that’s needed to dry them all one by one, this style takes half the time (and half the work) of the “pure” paper pendants. Less time to make each piece means less cost per piece.

I figure this is a good trend. and honestly, take a look at my new dogtag pendants page. The new style pendants, with stainless steel bases, are of course super durable, and I think they look great.

And they cost a lot less. I mentioned that, right?

Kanji dogtag necklace says Samurai – new work

This is not only a new necklace, it’s the first piece of a new group of work. These dogtag necklaces are lacquered paper – backed with stainless steel dogtags, sized to military specs. The way it works, it takes much less time to make the necklace (not so many steps and layers to dry) – so they cost less. This is usually considered a good thing 🙂

stainless steel and paper kanji dogtag necklace that says Samurai

The first one up is this deep gray paper-and-stainless-steel dogtag necklace that says Samurai in Japanese kanji, or katakana.

And there’ll be more to come at, stay tuned!

Personalized kanji dogtag necklace says Caleb

Or Kaleb. And I should correct myself right now: I believe this is katakana, rather than kanji. But many of us in the West are so used to thinking of Japanese writing as “kanji”, that we use that as a sort of blanket term. Of course ther is more to learn!

I wasn’t sure if I had shared this necklace – I think it’s a good example showing that a personalized kanji necklace does NOT have to be “girly”. This is a dogtag necklace. This is (in this version) a black dogtag neckklace. Very guy-friendly 🙂

 dogtag necklace that says Caleb in Japanese kanji or katanana

Really I just wanted to point out that you can choose to personalize a dogtag necklace. And it can be guy-friendly. And if not in time for Christmas, well certainly for his next birthday!

Or just because 🙂

Dogtag necklace that says Samurai: a gift for Dad

This one’s kind of self-evident: there are a lot of dads (and brothers, and boyfriends, and, well guys) who would appreciate beig thought of as a samurai: a trained, skilled, honorable warrior.

dogtag necklace that says Samurai in Japanese kanji...from

It’s a classic dogtag with ballchain. Your guy will love it. End of commercial.

Dogtag necklace that says Ronin: a gift for Dad.

The dogtag necklace featured here says Ronin in Japanese kanji. In Japan, a ronin is a masterless samurai – literally, ‘wave man’ (understood as ‘a man tossed around like a wave’). I think the connotation has become “lone warrior”.

dogtag necklace that says Ronin in Japanese kanji

And a lot of guys seem to identify with being a Ronin. Maybe your guy, or your dad, is one of them? This could be a great gift for him. And Father’s Day is coming up. Just saying.

P.S. Or, you know, if you’re a secret warrior? It doesn’t matter if other people know it – you know. And maybe you too are a secret Ronin.

Man’s Necklace sent to Matlacha FL

I just sent out a man’s necklace to a customer in Matlacha, Florida… I just wish I could hand-deliver it!

Man's Necklace with Carved Bone TalonMan’s Carved Bone Talon Necklace

Matlacha (pronounced mat-luh-chay) is a small town between Pine Island and Fort Myers, Florida, where I lived for nine years. I love Matlacha. It’s the kind of place that 30 or 40 years ago was a tiny scrabbly fishing village and people there would probably have laughed if you’d said it was ever going to be expensive-ish or (moving) upscale. It’s still not “upscale”, it’s still a village, but it’s kind of funky and fun and they have a great seafood place or three.

Tee shirts and flip flops and not over-developed yet. It’s a really cool place. If somebody was willing to pay the travel expense I’d be happy to hand-deliver. Any time 🙂

Being Green and Still Manly and Check Out Rare Bird Finds!

Oh I think you are going to love this! Rare Bird Finds is one of my fave online sites. The ladies at Rare Bird have an absolute knack at finding fun, funky, and special goodies. I saw one this morning that made me smile. An eco-friendly shopping bag that GUYS can use too – without feeling weird about it!
Eco friendly shopping bag - that guys can use
Is that not great?
Honestly, you should put Rare Bird in your Favorites. There’s tons of, well, great finds there!