Man’s Necklace sent to Matlacha FL

I just sent out a man’s necklace to a customer in Matlacha, Florida… I just wish I could hand-deliver it!

Man's Necklace with Carved Bone TalonMan’s Carved Bone Talon Necklace

Matlacha (pronounced mat-luh-chay) is a small town between Pine Island and Fort Myers, Florida, where I lived for nine years. I love Matlacha. It’s the kind of place that 30 or 40 years ago was a tiny scrabbly fishing village and people there would probably have laughed if you’d said it was ever going to be expensive-ish or (moving) upscale. It’s still not “upscale”, it’s still a village, but it’s kind of funky and fun and they have a great seafood place or three.

Tee shirts and flip flops and not over-developed yet. It’s a really cool place. If somebody was willing to pay the travel expense I’d be happy to hand-deliver. Any time 🙂

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