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All Paper Jewels are made and finished by hand. Most are made to order - if you need them immediately please email me to check on availability.
pink paper earrings say Eien or Eternity Japanese katakana rhinestone teardrops paired with paper earring drops that feature the Japanese katakana Yume or Dream blue paper kanji earrings that say Haha or Mother
These pink paper earrings say Eternity in Japanese katakana (kanji) Kanji earrings say Yume, or Dream - with rhinestone teardrops Paper earrings that say Haha, or Mother, in Japanese katakana
gold lacquered paper earrings with the katakana Tora or Tiger...with golden accent chains red paper kanji earrings that say Jiyu, or Freedom lacquered paper kanji earrings that say Onna or Woman
The kanji (katakana) on these paper earrings says Tora, or Tiger Kanji earrings with the Japanese kanji Jiyu, which means Freedom Paper earrings that say Onna, or Woman, in Japanese katakana
All designs herein are original and copyright Paper Jewels.