DIY Craft Storage – yes please, recycled and reused!

My favorite kind of idea – do it yourself storage, and organization, and it’s a great example of “recycle and reuse”. Also practically free!

DIY recycled ribbon storage

What I specially love about this is not only that it’s made from recycled materials (an oatmeal container in this case) but that it’s so useful! You could use it as shown, on its side and resting on an old shoebox lid, easy peasy. Or you could stand it up to take up less space on your shelf. Yes, the ribbons would trail down, but with the shape and size of this container, they’d stay organized and accessible. Win!

Plus when you cover it with your own (recycled) paper, it’s going to fit into your decor perfectly 🙂

I found this adorable idea over at Scrapbooks Etc. – which is part of the Better Homes and Gardens network. Of course there are LOTS of super ideas over there, go peek!

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