Personalized kanji earrings…new work

I’m all fired up making personalized kanji earrings and necklaces – several people have asked for custom work (which is always fun) – and I’m loving these new pieces! These “Rebecca” earrings were made as a gift from daughter to mother – and Mom was thrilled 🙂

personalized kanji earrings that say Rebecca or Rebekah in Japanese kanji

I’m also working on some new techniques that are time-savers. Saving time means they cost less – so these new styles are proving popular – hey, we all like saving money!

Check out my new Your Name in Japanese personalized kanji jewelry – and let me know what you think!

There’s more on the way. These are fun!

New pansy earrings

These are a more modern version of the traditional “first anniversary” pansy earrings that are so popular. They’re clean-lined marquis ovals, almost abstract – but still recognizably pansies. And pretty, lightweight, and fun 🙂

modern pansy earrings in my Paper Jewels shop

As shown here, they’re about 1-1/4″ high, though I’ve almost made them quite a bit smaller (about 3/4″) – and one time, almost 3″ high! The customer wanted big lightweight earrings, and she loved that she could wear them all day in comfort.

Because I totally believe in comfort – And style, of course 😉

Pansy earrings – the traditional first anniversary flower

This is something I hadn’t known till recently: pansies are considered the traditional “first anniversary” flower. I’ve always thought pansies were beautiful, with their wonderful variety and colorations. Now I have another reason to love them 🙂

And they’re probably the most popular flower in my shop, for earrings and necklaces – and now I know (another reason) why. Tradition. Wedding anniversaries. Pansy flowers. They go together like, well, love and marriage.

pansy earrings at Paper Jewels...with amethyst and Swarovski crystal elements

Plus: girly, pretty, and feminine. Just like flower earrings should be 😉

Pretty floral paper earrings – a first anniversary gift idea

I like to try new designs, and occasionally really big earrings, because with paper earrings they can still be comfy. But I tend to come back to more delicate shapes, and delicate florals are among my customer favorites. Like these:

red floral paper earrings at Paper Jewels

They’re just over 1″ long (big enough to have some presence, but still delicate and of course lightweight). And the little Swarovski crystal elements (accent beads) add just a bit of sparkle. They’re girly, when you’re in that sort of mood.

And – just saying – they are wonderful first anniverary gifts. You know: if you’re looking.

Hime (Princess) Kanji Earrings

These were made as a special request for a customer – and I think they turned out well!

hime kanji purple earrings

The kanji “Hime” translates as “Princess”, which you can imagine is kind of popular with girls. Just for fun 🙂

Shown here in purple but of course we can make them in your colors too!

Kanji jewelry that says “Love”

Not surprisingly, the japanese symbol for “love” is one of the most popular kanji choices. Whether it’s used for earrings, a pendant or necklace, people seem to, well, love this kanji!

The kanji for love, in paper earrings and pendants

It goes without saying (well, okay, I have to say it) that “love” is a wonderful kanji to use for gifts, too.

P.S. You know that the first year anniversary is the paper anniverary, right? And the kanji jewelry shown here says “Love”. I could connect the dots here… but I know you can too. what a terrific paper anniversary gift idea!

First Year Anniversary Gifts (yes, the Paper Anniversary)

So, the first year anniversary is traditionally considered the “paper anniversary” – well, except in Great Britain where, I’m told, the paper anniversary is the second anniversary. Not sure why the diff there.

So I’m thinking most people go with the “paper anniversary” tradition. And all you first-year-marrieds out there? Have I got a gift suggestion for you 🙂

Guys – this is the perfect answer for your “what do I get for her, she loves jewelry, she loves flowers, yeah, and I’m supposed to do that paper thing” anniversary-present-that-I-need-to-order-TODAY problem.

Paper Jewels, of course. Even more specifically (if you’re not sure what to get) – these gorgeous paper earrings:

Lacquered Paper Pink Rose and Swarovski Crystal Earrings

These flower earrings are very pretty, they’re comfortable (I promise!), they’re feminine and affordable and yeah, they’re made with paper. So. You’re getting her artist handmade paper earrings, that also feature Swarovski crystals (the finest in the world) and gold (okay, gold-filled earwires). She’s going to love them.

And you, of course.