Kanji earrings that say Tsuma, or Wife

And yes, you have probably guessed that they are a popular gift choice. I mean, if it was your paper (first) anniversary, and you had to find a paper present, and you know your wife likes jewelry, wouldn’t “Wife” be a cool pair of earrings for her?

Tsuma, or Wife, kanji earrings at Paper Jewels

Especially when you know you can get them in her favorite color. And that they’re comfortable and kind of fun too 🙂

Okay, bijin – which means beautiful woman, or hot babe – that’s pretty popular too 😉

Hime (Princess) Kanji Earrings

These were made as a special request for a customer – and I think they turned out well!

hime kanji purple earrings

The kanji “Hime” translates as “Princess”, which you can imagine is kind of popular with girls. Just for fun 🙂

Shown here in purple but of course we can make them in your colors too!

New japanese kanji earrings that say “Love”

The kanji on these earrings says Ai – which means Love. They’re about 1-1/2″ long but very lightweight (and comfy – I’m big on that) – and they’re just super fun for spring 🙂

Japanese kanji pink and purple paper earrings that say Love

I show them here in light purple, lilac and pink – but you can choose your own color combo (of course). Custom made, her favorite colors, and hmm, Valentine’s Day is coming.

This could be a big win-win 🙂

Custom Earring Colors

I recently had a request for a redo of a pair of earrings a customer had found online. I thought this would be a nice way to show that yes, custom colors are always possible!

Here are the earrings she saw onsite:

Lilac and Offwhite Mosaic Earrings

And here are the custom colors she requested:

Mosaic Earrings with Custom Colors

They could have been radically more different, of course. Black background. Bright colors. The thing is, the customer – that’s you – you get to choose 🙂

Kanji Eternity Earrings – with crystal diamonds

Okay, “diamonds” is a little bit of an exaggeration. The teardrops on these earrings are faceted rhinestones – ‘diamonds’ for us ordinary mortals who have too many bills to pay but still love sparkly pretty earrings, maybe with the help of a discount coupon from sites as couponscollector.com! These earrings have the Japanese katakana (kanji) that says Eien, or Eternity – so they are actually wonderful for wedding earrings, or a first anniversary gift from a husband to his new bride 🙂

japanese katakana eternity earrings with crystal teardrops

I actually just sold the pair pictured – and have started a new pair or two for the shop, so stay tuned. Or of course you can request a custom color for any Paper Jewels. Just ask!

PS Diamonds are the birthstone for April – so these earrings (or others with crystal ‘diamonds’) are especially appropriate. Just saying 🙂

Kanji jewelry that says “Love”

Not surprisingly, the japanese symbol for “love” is one of the most popular kanji choices. Whether it’s used for earrings, a pendant or necklace, people seem to, well, love this kanji!

The kanji for love, in paper earrings and pendants

It goes without saying (well, okay, I have to say it) that “love” is a wonderful kanji to use for gifts, too.

P.S. You know that the first year anniversary is the paper anniverary, right? And the kanji jewelry shown here says “Love”. I could connect the dots here… but I know you can too. what a terrific paper anniversary gift idea!

First Year Anniversary Gifts (yes, the Paper Anniversary)

So, the first year anniversary is traditionally considered the “paper anniversary” – well, except in Great Britain where, I’m told, the paper anniversary is the second anniversary. Not sure why the diff there.

So I’m thinking most people go with the “paper anniversary” tradition. And all you first-year-marrieds out there? Have I got a gift suggestion for you 🙂

Guys – this is the perfect answer for your “what do I get for her, she loves jewelry, she loves flowers, yeah, and I’m supposed to do that paper thing” anniversary-present-that-I-need-to-order-TODAY problem.

Paper Jewels, of course. Even more specifically (if you’re not sure what to get) – these gorgeous paper earrings:

Lacquered Paper Pink Rose and Swarovski Crystal Earrings

These flower earrings are very pretty, they’re comfortable (I promise!), they’re feminine and affordable and yeah, they’re made with paper. So. You’re getting her artist handmade paper earrings, that also feature Swarovski crystals (the finest in the world) and gold (okay, gold-filled earwires). She’s going to love them.

And you, of course.