DIY – Make a Gift Bow – with Recycled Paper :-)

You know it’s fun to give presents, and it’s very nice when they’re all prettied up to make the gift even more special. And now I’ve found a way to make those fancy bows I used to buy. And to make them out of recycled paper – so (1) you don’t have to spend money on them, and (2) you can make them out of practically any paper so they can be as fun or colorful or unusual as you want to make them.

And it’s easy! Take a look at the results:

DIY Gift Bow Pic 1
DIY Gift Bow Pic 2
Make your own gift bows from recycled paper!

Now I can’t take credit for this – I found instructions at How About Orange Blog.

The blogger is Jessica Jones, and she gives full pics and instructions and even admits she just grabbed what she had on hand – in other words, you can do the same thing and adapt as needed. She’s got lots of other good ideas over there – go read, you’ll see how easy it is.

No more having the money to either buy the present or the wrapping/bows 🙂 Now you can find cool mag pics – fashion mag? Harley catalog? Phone book? (She used that one!)

Easy. Cheap. Recycling-and-reusing. Fun. And did I mention easy? This is of the good!

Creative Cardboard Part Deux – Corrugated Wall

No, really, I’m not obsessed with cardboard. But once I started thinking about cardboard, and how useful it is, and how it’s all over the place, and we usually just throw it away – I couldn’t resist finding more good examples of what we can do with it. Easy, Inexpensive, and Fun Home Decor Idea No. 2 (or 3, or whatever):

Corrugated Cardboard Wall Decor - great idea from Jonathan Fong
Corrugated Cardboard Wall Decor created by Jonathan Fong

That wall looks great! Neutral, strong, geometric, dramatic – take your pick of descriptives. We could all use some version of this! The article even tells how to do it – though I imagine there are as many ways to do it (easily!) as your imagination can come up with patterns.

And if you mess up part of the design, you just cut new cardboard. If your baby scribbles on the wall, you can replace that section (or celebrate her creativity!) If your cat shreds the bottom, so what? Tear up another cardboard box. And reuse the pieces 🙂

Working out of a Cardboard Box – No, Really

And it’s not what you think. At least, if you think it means carrying a box of stuff to wherever you are that day. Nope, this is more of an inspirational piece. These guys have an office with all their furniture (and etc, it looks like) made from cardboard. And it’s fabulous.

Cardboard Box Office - 1
Cardboard Box Office - 1
Cardboard Box Office - 1

The office is in Amsterdam. Is it my imagination, or is there a LOT of inspiration and innovation coming from that corner of the world?

I haven’t tried to post all the pics here – go over to The Fast Company Blog to read the full article. And check out The Little Green Blog which is where I learned about this cool office. Little Green Blog is going on my check-it-a-lot list – there are so many green ideas over here. Not only green – but useful and practical and sensible.

I’m not expecting we’re all going to go out and build our offices out of cardboard. But looking at these pics (and there’s more links to visit for ideas) it reminds me that ordinary materials can be turned into something pretty special. And it makes me want to figure out ways to use cardboard more. In layers, bonded together, cardboard is strong. And it can be – well, you know. Reused, rethought, and recycled 🙂

Gorgeous Red Leather Vintage Bag

Talk about a color lift! And I’m not talking about your roots here. I’m talking about a shot of color you could use every day – red is the “new neutral”. This would be a happy-making bag!

Vintage Red Leather Bag

You know I think vintage is the best shopping ever. And when I find a goodie like this, I want to share! You can see the quality (and there’s several pics, so you get a good look).

This particular bag may or may not be sold by the time you go peek, but this seller – RiffRaffReview on Etsy – has lots of goodies – and more on the way. Check it out!

Falling in Love with Color – Do It Yourself Jewelry :-)

There’ve been tons of studies on how color affects us, and I’m no expert on any of them. What I do know is that color makes us happy, gives us a smile, and is a great way to add a little boost to our spirits (especially right now when it’s still so cold!)

So I’m specially happy to be able to offer some lovely vintage jewels in yummy colors in my Artfire jewelry supplies shop and also in my Etsy shop. Like these pretty jewels:

Vintage Lilac Amethyst Oval Jewels
Golden Topaz Vintage Glass Octagon Jewels in Patina Brass Settings

They feel like Spring to me – and that’s of the good 🙂

Wall Art – Vinyl Stickers for Grown Ups

Okay, you want to spruce up your place, and you want it to be (1) easy, (2) affordable, (3) great looking, and did I mention (4) easy?

You really should check out the vinyl wall art – stickers for grownups! at Savvy Gal Designs on Etsy.

Like this fabulous graphic:

Wall Art Vinyl Stickers for Grownups

These are great for renters – easy to apply *and* to take down.

Personalize your space! Not only can you apply them vertically or horizontally, you can choose your own color. Go for it!