Creative Cardboard Part Deux – Corrugated Wall

No, really, I’m not obsessed with cardboard. But once I started thinking about cardboard, and how useful it is, and how it’s all over the place, and we usually just throw it away – I couldn’t resist finding more good examples of what we can do with it. Easy, Inexpensive, and Fun Home Decor Idea No. 2 (or 3, or whatever):

Corrugated Cardboard Wall Decor - great idea from Jonathan Fong
Corrugated Cardboard Wall Decor created by Jonathan Fong

That wall looks great! Neutral, strong, geometric, dramatic – take your pick of descriptives. We could all use some version of this! The article even tells how to do it – though I imagine there are as many ways to do it (easily!) as your imagination can come up with patterns.

And if you mess up part of the design, you just cut new cardboard. If your baby scribbles on the wall, you can replace that section (or celebrate her creativity!) If your cat shreds the bottom, so what? Tear up another cardboard box. And reuse the pieces 🙂

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