DIY – Make a Gift Bow – with Recycled Paper :-)

You know it’s fun to give presents, and it’s very nice when they’re all prettied up to make the gift even more special. And now I’ve found a way to make those fancy bows I used to buy. And to make them out of recycled paper – so (1) you don’t have to spend money on them, and (2) you can make them out of practically any paper so they can be as fun or colorful or unusual as you want to make them.

And it’s easy! Take a look at the results:

DIY Gift Bow Pic 1
DIY Gift Bow Pic 2
Make your own gift bows from recycled paper!

Now I can’t take credit for this – I found instructions at How About Orange Blog.

The blogger is Jessica Jones, and she gives full pics and instructions and even admits she just grabbed what she had on hand – in other words, you can do the same thing and adapt as needed. She’s got lots of other good ideas over there – go read, you’ll see how easy it is.

No more having the money to either buy the present or the wrapping/bows 🙂 Now you can find cool mag pics – fashion mag? Harley catalog? Phone book? (She used that one!)

Easy. Cheap. Recycling-and-reusing. Fun. And did I mention easy? This is of the good!

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