DIY Wall Art and yes this one IS recycled paper

So I’m back on track, yes. I’ve found a SUPER do-it-yourself project that is (1) recycled, (2) easy to do, (3) goodlooking, and (4) will fit anywhere you need art!

And it’s practically FREE.

I found this on a fun blog, Homemade Mamas Blog and they not only invented the project, they share how they did it! I’ll bet a nickel you are going to love this as much as I do:

Recycled Wall Art invented by Homemade Mamas (dot net)
Recycled Wall Art invented by Homemade Mamas (dot net)

Just to give you a hint: this is what the project starts with:
Recycled paper tubes to start with
Recycled paper towel and toilet paper cardboard tubes

Now, you see what I mean? This really handsome, sculptural wall art – is made entirely with recycled paper tubes you just throw away anyway! Well, and a little paint, and some paper clips (you can reuse those, too).

This is an idea I am definitely going to steal!

PS I added this to my “bridal and weddingj” category, because think how you could adapt this for some beautiful wedding decorations. Make floral wall art in your wedding colors. Paint the tube(lets) and scatter them on your reception tables. Spell out the names of the bride and groom! I know you can think of more ideas. And you can make them at the bridal shower!

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