Eco friendly, recycled, Colored Pencils

Is this not a fabulous idea, a terrific product, and just a great all round present for the artist in your life?

eco friendly handmade recycled colored pencils

This is recycled artistry at its best. These pencils are made with recycled paper (yay!) They are fun, they are functional. They are just a GREAT idea and beautifully made. I found them at Moxie Makery which has the tagline “A shop full of awesome” and it IS.

Handmade journals. Pantone dipped pencils. Recycled eco friendly wonderfulness – this is just the sort of shop we need to support and love to find. Put some art back in the art of writing! Check these out: you’ll thank me!

Gisele Bundchen in sustainable hemp gown!

Now this is fashion at its finest. A beautiful woman, and a gorgeous gown:

Gisele Bundchen in sustainable hemp gown

I spotted this gorgeous creation (I meant the dress but hey, Gisele too) on Yahoo’s weekly “Too Hot to Handle” photo feature spotlighting celebrities who look great, or who are promoting something Yahoo’s invested in, or whatever. But this one is totally on the mark. Gisele looks great. The dress is fab. And according to the text, the gown is a “100% sustainable Prophetik hemp gown”.

We need to see more from Prophetik, and more of these gorgeous dresses, and does anybody want to guess why we haven’t seen more hemp products in, like, ever? Oh? because the right wing doesn’t want us to grow pot…er, hemp (no, it is not always the same thing) because they can’t make any money off it, if we do? You don’t suppose that’s it, do you?

Pfft. Hemp is sustainable. The dress is beautiful. What’s not to love?

Custom Earring Colors – Part Two

I thought I’d show you another example of a request for custom-made earrings. These were more of a departure from the original pair…design does morph in interesting ways! This was the pair that started the discussion:

Light blue and lime green heart earrings

She wanted some purple in there, and maybe a floral pattern rather than the sort-of-geometric heart pattern here. So, well, one thing led to another – and did I mention she needed her earrings to be clip-ons? By the way that’s never a problem, I can always adapt a pierced earring style to make clip-ons. Or vice versa.

And after the back-and-forth process, here are her earrings:

Purple Floral Heart Clip On Earrings from Paper Jewels

And, gotta say, the absolute best part – is that she loves them :-)

Kaleidoscope Big Lightweight Paper Earrings

Okay, maybe kaleidoscope. Or mandala (that’s what I first thought). Or even “snowflake” (remember the snowflakes we used to cut out as kids?) – that’s what these new earrings remind me of.

Big Lightweight Blue and Black Mandala Snowflake Earrings

They’re big, colorful, and lightweight earrings – lacquered paper, with a bit of curve and a lot of shine. And available in custom colors, of course.

Just for fun :-)

Silver Flower Jewelry Connectors – Part One

I’m calling this “Part One” because I’m going to come back in a day or three and post an update. I just found these lovely silver flower connectors – take a look, you can see a sort of hidden loop on the back:

silver flower connectors - jewelry components
shows the back of silver flower connectors

Now, I know these aren’t paper. But I love combining media. So in a few days, I’m going to post some pics showing these lovely silver (over brass) flowers, paired with my paperjewels.

Stay tuned!

P.S. P.S. The flower connectors themselves are available in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop or just go there and send me a note if you can’t find them!

New Technique – New Kanji Necklace

This is going to be exciting. I’ve been experimenting with a new technique – and some super affordable Paper Jewels.

One of the reasons Paper Jewels are expensive to make is because they are incredibly time-consuming. There are approximately 30 steps – and hours of work, in small increments, to complete each piece. So I thought, there ought to be a way to make a more inexpensive Paper Jewels line that incorporates some fun kanji designs – and takes less time – and, well, costs less too!

Well there is, and here’s a sample:

Paper Jewels kanji necklace that says Bijin, or Beautiful Woman

The kanji says Bijin, or Beautiful Woman (or hot babe!)

It makes a great gift for your sweetie. The paper design is behind a sheer glass cabochon – replacing layers of (time consuming) lacquer. The chain is an 18″ faceted ball chain, silver plated over brass – both easy to use and easy to trim to size if you like.

She’ll love it – and it costs way less than “traditional” Paper Jewels. Like, $25 versus $55 or so.

If you and she are on a budget, she’ll love the price thing, too :-)

Handmade Paper Ornaments – Wedding Decorations – or Star Urchins – Folk Art

If you love paper as much as I do – you will appreciate these absolutely exquisite handmade ornaments. Ornaments – or wedding decorations – or, as the artist names them, “star urchins” :-)

handmade paper ornament or wedding decoration from Kissadesign on Etsy

handmade paper ornament or wedding decoration from Kissadesign on Etsy - full view

Handmade Paper Ornament or Wedding Decoratin from Kissadesign on Etsy

Aren’t those gorgeous? Yes they’d be lovely to decorate your handmade wedding. They’d also be equally wonderful – just because they’re so cool – decorating your desk! And if you like the white – but you’re even fonder of color, well she’s got them, all individually handmade, in lots of pretty colors. And in this fantastic rainbow color combo:

handmade paper ornament or wedding decoration from Kissadesign on Etsy

The shop is Kissadesign on Etsy – handmade folk art at its best.

I don’t know how she learned to do these so beautifully and affordably – but she has, and I’m just happy to have found them. Talk about a wonderful, eco-friendly, unique decoration or gift!

Paper and Lace – Handmade Cards

You know how I love paper. I’m always looking for interesting new works in paper – artwork, recycled decorating ideas, fashion even – why, I almost forgot one of the original purposes of paper – to write on!

Then I found these gorgeous handmade blank cards and you know, it reminds me how nice it is to get a handwritten note – and to send one.

handmade paper lace edge blank cards from AlmondCrafts on Etsy

handmade paper lace edge blank cards from AlmondCrafts on Etsy

Handmade Paper Lace Edge Cards from AlmondCrafts on Etsy

The shop is AlmondCrafts on Etsy, and the artist has some beautiful (and may I say, extremely affordable) work.

It makes me want to send, well, a love letter. These cards would be perfect!

P.S. Or hand-written wedding invitations. So much nicer than printed ones!

DIY Paper Flowers – Recycled of course!

Do it yourself paper flowers – take a look at how wonderful these are!

do it yourself paper flowers with how-to instructions

These lovely blossoms are made from maps, or old book pages, or (I would think) any colorful paper / pages that need a new life. I found this wonderful idea over at Apartment Therapy which you know is one of my absolute favorite ideas-source. The article there even links to a tutorial!

And even better – if you love these flowers but don’t want to make them yourself – they also give the source of this yummy recycled goodness: and it’s an Etsy shop!

The shop is Greencycle Designs and she has wonderful work over there. Whether or not you decide to tackle making your own flowers (remember to use recycled pages!) you definitely want to go check out her shop, her prices are very reasonable and her work is gorgeous.

This is a win-win all the way around. Paper (which of course I love) and recycled – and Etsy – and do it yourself – wow!

Kanji earrings that say Woman

Even though I’m not supposed to say it, I am crazy about these earrings – I love the color, I love the floral accent, and I think the Japanese kanji is graceful :-)

Deep Pink Paper Earrings...the Japanese kanji says Onna, or Woman

The deep pink adds a burst of color to your winter outfit – and it looks great in Spring, too. The kanji says Onna, or Woman.

The earrings are lightweight of course, and not too big (about 1-1/4″ long) and the earwires are sterling silver. This is the way jewelry ought to be (I know I’m biased, but still) – fun to wear, a little bit funky or crazy, and comfy.

And did I mention pretty?