It’s a Book, it’s a Secret Hidey-Hole… It’s a Book Safe!

I just found the most fun, cool, unique, eco-friendly, fun, and hey, even useful giftie over on Etsy!

It’s a book, it’s recycled, it’s (ta da) a Book Safe – how cool is this!

Book Safe from Conduit Press on Etsy

It’s handmade and available at Conduit Press at Etsy. Here’s how it looks, closed:

Book Safe, Closed

She has lots more choices – different books, different shapes inside – but in the text for this one, she even mentions Ayn Rand, whose work I totally loved when I was, er, a lot younger…. and this one has a FLASK included! I mean come on, you can see why I had to pick this one 🙂

She also has some yummy handmade journals, notebooks and cards – you’ve got to go peek.

But the book safe? I mean, you can hide all kinds of goodies in there. Anonymously. Even, dare I say, safely 🙂

And it’s a recycled book. And it’s paper. And it’s just fun 🙂

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