Personalized kanji jewelry

Kanji jewelry with her name in Japanese – or your name. Such a pretty, easy to wear necklace – with customizable colors (and names) of course:

personalized kanji necklace with your name in Japanese

The other advantage of this necklace is that, since it has a “cabochon setting” (the slightly-antiqued silver plated frame for the glass-and-paper pendant) it takes less time to prepare: so you can order it, up to a week before Mother’s Day – and get it on time. Just in case you forgot or something.

But of course you won’t forget Mother’s Day. Right? Right 😉

Personalized jewelry – your name in Japanese, part…three?

Okay, I lose track, all right? I just wanted to show you these new earrings. They are personalized, part of my “Your Name in Japanese” collection, and I think the size and shape really work.

personalized kanji earrings that with your name in Japanese... these earrings say Phoebe in Japanese kanji

The earrings are only about 1″ long. The golden (raw) brass leverbacks are comfortable, much kinder to the skin than plated earwires – and considerably less expensive than goldfilled ones (which can be used too, by special arrangement). And, well, I think the slightly curvy, triangle shape is pretty cool.

Let me know what you think 😉

(Of course the colors as well as the kanji can be personalized, too!)

Personalized kanji earrings…new work

I’m all fired up making personalized kanji earrings and necklaces – several people have asked for custom work (which is always fun) – and I’m loving these new pieces! These “Rebecca” earrings were made as a gift from daughter to mother – and Mom was thrilled 🙂

personalized kanji earrings that say Rebecca or Rebekah in Japanese kanji

I’m also working on some new techniques that are time-savers. Saving time means they cost less – so these new styles are proving popular – hey, we all like saving money!

Check out my new Your Name in Japanese personalized kanji jewelry – and let me know what you think!

There’s more on the way. These are fun!

Personalized Gift DIY Idea

I saw this idea over on Pinterest and fell in love. Take any plain dish – and turn it into a personal gift or work of art 🙂

do it yourself - permanent marker on a plate

Actually I think the one in the pic has poetry written on it – or it might be Edgar Allen Poe (The Raven?). But no matter.  Buy a simple plate at the thrift shop. Write your favorite muffin recipe around the edge using a Sharpie.

Then bake the plate for 30 minutes at 150 degrees in your oven (or more – I’ll doublecheck on that). Presto! The writing is permanent.

Then bake the muffins, load the plate up, and take them to your sweetie or favorite neighbor as a gift.  You get to show off, you get to play with a new art form, and your sweetie gets his (or your) favorite  muffins.  This is a win!

P.S. And of course, what a darling way to make a personalized gift for someone special. An anniversary gift for your fave couple – with their names and wedding date. A birthday gift for your mom with a quote she loves. You get the idea!

P.P.S. Oops! I almost forgot to give credit! I couldn’t find the original source – but it was first pinned by the beautiful Marissa Villasana on her ‘Crafty’ page – and she has some wonderful ideas over there to check out!

It’s Always Personal

The thing is, whether it’s a pendant or earrings with “Your Name in Japanese” or a specially made Initial Pendant just for you – it’s always personal. I think every business person knows this – or learns it. I’m making a product just for you. It matters.

It’s special, it’s individual, it’s very personal. Here’s just one example:

kanji necklace with your name in Japanese...this pendant says Sandra

The pendant on this brass, glass, and paper necklace says Sandra. And yes one can be made just for you or a gift you want to give.

It’s always personal.