Eco friendly air freshener

You know that being eco friendly – more eco friendly – is a goal of mine. I think a lot of people are leaning this way. We don’t want to give up our creature comforts or standard of living – but we want to be kinder to the planet. Saving money is nice, too.

eco friendly air freshener

This air freshener is a great way to do that. The recipe is from Country Living and of course you’ll find tons of great tips over there.

But this one is so simple! Simmer orange peels (or lemon slices) with rosemary in a pot of water. And if you don’t have the rosemary, just orange peels. One of the freshest, cleanest, loveliest scents on the planet!

Okay, I might be biased – I love the smell of oranges. But it works. Trust me 🙂

Brass pendant with personalized kanji – your name in Japanese

Your name in Japanese on a personalized, brass pendant – take a look!

personalized kanji pendant with your name in Japanese...this pendant says Madison

This is a whole new type of design for me – the Japanese kanji prints on clear medium and is lacquered right on the brass – so the golden metal totally shines through. It’s a metallic, minimalist style and I’ve been getting some really good customer feedback. Let me know what you think!

P.S. Something to keep in mind – these personalized pendants are a great gift for Mom. Use her name – or yours, if you think she’d prefer that 😉

Personalized kanji earrings…new work

I’m all fired up making personalized kanji earrings and necklaces – several people have asked for custom work (which is always fun) – and I’m loving these new pieces! These “Rebecca” earrings were made as a gift from daughter to mother – and Mom was thrilled 🙂

personalized kanji earrings that say Rebecca or Rebekah in Japanese kanji

I’m also working on some new techniques that are time-savers. Saving time means they cost less – so these new styles are proving popular – hey, we all like saving money!

Check out my new Your Name in Japanese personalized kanji jewelry – and let me know what you think!

There’s more on the way. These are fun!